Website Review: Ideal Bite

What: The Budget Ecoist takes a look at the website, Ideal Bite The Lowdown: The Ideal Bite website specializes in bite-sized ideas for light green living.  You can sign up to receive a daily bite-sized tip in your email or you can view the daily tip (and archive of tips) online. The Bottom Line: First, […]

Beauty Trend: Matte Skin

What: Buh-bye shimmer and shine. Welcome matte makeup! What the experts say: According to the December 2007 issue of Allure magazine, a more sophisticated 40s-inspired matte makeup trend is catching on. “This isn’t a heavy matte look that erases the features, though,” says makeup artist, Dick Page. “Everything is applied with a light hand so […]

Beauty Advice: Tips for Deep Set Eyes

Dear Budget Fashionista,  I have very deep-set eyes. What are some are tricks I can use to bring them out? Answer: To bring out deep-set eyes, apply eyeliner on both the lower and upper lash lines, making sure to smudge and soften the line. Apply a lighter shade of eye shadow from the eyelash to […]

Grow Your Own Valentines

On my recent visit to Target, I found that the Dollar Spot is all decked out for Valentine’s Day. Yes, you read that right! Valentine’s Day. As disturbing as it is to think that February 14 is less than two months away, there are some great, inexpensive gifts to be had. I picked up three […]

Website Review: PaperBack Swap

What: The Budget Ecoist takes a look at the book swap website, Paperback Swap The Lowdown: PaperBack Swap allows members to swap books with one another (not just paperbacks) for the cost of shipping (around $2.00). My girlfriend, a fellow avid reader, told me about this website after I had dropped $70 on the new […]

Beauty Trend: Simply Red Hair

What: Seems like more and more people are seeing red these days (red hair, that is). What the experts say: This from the 2008 issue of Elle magazine: “Red heads have the best of both worlds.” says Lena Oh, a colorist at Bumble and bumble’s Meatpacking District Salon in NYC. “They have the same eye-catching […]

Beauty Trend: Black Winged Liquid Liner

What: Stand out when you go out, with “Cleopatra eyes.” What the experts say: says recent European runway fashion shows like Prada and Dior were full of lanky models sporting painted wings…on their lids. “When balanced with an otherwise neutral face, black winged liner looks artsy—and edgy.”