Budget Gardening Tip: Bamboo

There’s always something a little unusual on display at IKEA. This weekend, when we perused the home and garden section of our local store, we were happy to see bamboo on display. For just $1.99 we snagged a 16-inch bamboo cane. Native to China, bamboo is surprisingly easy to grow. Plant the rooted cane in […]

Acai Fruit: Beauty Trend 2008

What: This Amazonian fruit is finding its way into as many beauty products as health food recipes. What the experts say: According to the January 2008 issue of Allure magazine, “Curvy supermodels aren’t the only Brazilian imports turning heads. The antioxidant-packed berry has impressed both health and beauty experts. While ingesting acai is thought to […]

Recycle This: Candy Wrapper Bags

What: You’ll never look at another pack of Juicy Fruit the same, once you’ve laid your baby browns on this sweet piece of fashion—Behold! The candy wrapper handbag! The Lowdown: What a unique way to recycle candy wrappers! The stylish bags from ecoist.com actually use a bevy of recycled products (candy wrappers, movie billboards, soda […]

Web Round-Up: 2008 Home Trends

The Budget Casa brings you links from around the web on what’s hot for your home: ~ Designer Kathy Peterson gives us do-it-yourself tips for bringing home the look of luxury boutique hotels, a trend that’s popping up in more and more homes (read about it here). ~ The Atlanta Journal-Constitution gives us some great […]

Flavored Water: Organic Food

What: Make your own organic flavored water The Lowdown: It only takes a minute or two to make your own organic flavored water at home with no sugar or artificial ingredients, and tailored to your flavor. Just take a pitcher and fill with water. Add sliced fresh fruits or veggies, slices of organic orange, cucumbers, […]

Product Review: Stovetop Popcorn Popper

What: Whirley Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper. The Lowdown: Sometime the best part about going to the movies is the popcorn. With the Whirley Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper, you can make your own movie-style popcorn at home. The popper makes up to 6 quarts of popcorn in just three minutes, and you control how much oil […]

L’Oreal Vive Pro Style & Body Infusing Conditioning Treatment

What: On a quest for perfectly soft and conditioned strands, Robin reaches for L’Oreal Vive Pro Style & Body Infusing Conditioning Treatment, $3.74. The Lowdown: I confess: I’ve fallen into a shampoo and conditioner rut. I’ve been using the same stuff on my hair day in and day out and I should know better. The […]

Fashion Advice: Nature’s Fashion Tips

Fine Living recently had a short, interesting segment on the role of simplicity in interior design that can be directly applied to personal style as well. The segment detailed how nature likes simplicity. Many of the aesthetically pleasing items in nature, like flowers and trees, embody only what is necessary. Colors, lines, and shapes are […]