Baby Food Jars: Recycle This

For the parents of babies, a few ideas about what to do with that multitude of little baby food jars you have left over: 1. Dry out herbs from your garden, store them in the jars. Don’t forget to label them! Keep a few for yourself, give the others for gifts. 2. Use them to […]

Home Fitness Rooms: Web Round-Up

The Budget Casa brings you links from around the web on what’s hot for your home: ~ If exercising more is one of your New Year’s resolutions, you can make sticking to it easier than ever by creating your own fitness room at home. From motivational messages on the walls to furniture that hides your […]

eCycle: Green Tips

You bought a new flat screen TV, and while you were at it, you bought a flat screen monitor as well. Your old clunky TV was easily re-routed to a new home, thanks to Freecycle (read more about how to use Freecycle) but the monitor has seen better days and no one seems to want […]

Waxed Paper Bags by Natural: Daily Deal

What: Waxed Paper Bags by Natural, 60 count on sale for $2.11 The Lowdown: Still using paper bags?  Waxed paper bags are non-toxic when incinerated, landfill safe, and will not contaminate ground water. At the price of 60 for $2.11 its just as cheap as using normal paper bags. Shop: Visit this Link and order […]

GreenDimes: Do Good

We can safely say that about 75% of the mail we receive each day is unwanted junk mail.  We recycle every bit of it, some of it we can even compost.  But you know what chaps our hide? The fact that we have to do this at all. Why is it our responsibility to ensure […]

Reducing Packaging: Reader Tips

At The Budget Ecoist, we’re always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.  Today’s obsession?  Excess packaging. Little things wrapped in bigger things and then shrink-wrapped for the fun of it, is NOT our idea of a good time! In fact we make it a point to make that point to the management of […]

Coffee for a Cause: Organic Food

Green Mountain Coffee has teamed up with the National Wildlife Federation to produce Fair Trade Organic coffee. Sales of this coffee help provide habitat for songbirds and other wildlife. The National Wildlife Blend is comprised of Fair Trade and Organic Central and South American coffees from family-owned farms that raise shade-grown coffees. These shaded farms […]

Sally Hershberger Supreme Head Shagg Spray: Product Review

What: Robin puts Sally Hershberger Shagg Spray, $12.50, to the test. The Lowdown: Want a haircut with celebrity hair stylist Sally Hershberger and it’ll cost you $800—and that’s if you already live in NYC. But if you just want to try her products, you’re in luck. Hershberger has recently pulled a Mizrahi and created Supreme […]