Reese, Tracy

Reese, Tracy Pronunciation: TRAY- cee Ree-s Favored by celebs like Beyonce, Carrie Underwood and even First Lady Michelle Obama, designer Tracy Reese continues to gain prominence in the fashion world. With intense background training from Martine Sitbon and Perry Ellis, her styles today reflect the elegance of women with a hint of tradition and vintage-inspiration. […]


Missoni Pronunciation: Me-son-nee Missoni is one of the premier knitwear design houses in the world. When Ottavio Missoni designed his first tracksuit in the 1940s, little did he know he would create garments that would become the epitome of high end knitwear. In 1958, the label “Missoni” was finally sewn on to the products. The […]

Mizrahi, Isaac

Mizrahi, Isaac Pronunciation: Eye-zak Miz-ra-hee With a new TV show on Bravo, it’s easy to forget that Isaac Mizrahi is also a very talented fashion designer and costume designer for several Broadway shows. He’s also the man who brought the high/low look to the masses. His line for Target revolutionized the fashion world, bringing high-end […]

Miyake, Issey

Miyake, Issey Pronunciation: E-say Me-ya-kay Art, nature, and technology are the inspirations behind influential Japanese designer Issey Miyake’s line of clothing. He past collections included updated versions of traditional Japanese clothing like kimonos and sashiko coats and “Pleats Please” dresses printed with works by Miyake’s favorite contemporary artists. As one first Asian designers to gain […]


Moschino Pronunciation: Mo-ski-no Launched by fashion designer Franco Moschino in 1983, Moschino‘s satirical take on high-end fashion brands is the main inspiration for his innovative designs. Known mostly for taking a fun, youthful approach to fashion (think cherry printed scarves and bubble pink dresses), the brand can be described as Betsey Johnson‘s Italian cousin. Other […]

Mouret, Roland

Mouret, Roland Pronunciation: Rol-lan More-rey French designer Roland Mouret launched his line in 1998 and is known for his iconic hourglass creations such as the galaxy dress, a large celebrity favorite. In 2006, Mouret took a two year hiatus after leaving his own label because of managerial differences with his financial backers. In 2008, Mouret […]


Mulberry Pronunciation: Moll- bear-ree One of Britain’s first lifestyle brand, Mulberry which started as a simple luggage brand in 1971 is one of Britain’s largest fashion house. A brand that was once known for its matronly, but quality products, Mulberry underwent a major revamp in 2002 and in a span of three years became one […]

Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci Pronunciation: Nee-na Ree-chee Launched in Paris in 1932 by Maria Nielli Ricci and her son Robert, the House of Nina Ricci has blossomed into one of the most successful luxury brands in the world. Known for romantic feminine collections, much of the company’s success can be attributed to its fragrances such as the […]

Owens, Rick

Owens, Rick Pronunciation: Ree-k Owe-whens American designer Rick Owens is a known for glamour-meets-grunge style, designing rock inspired edgy feminine outfits with sculptural folds. After establishing his own label in 1994, Owens 2002 collection presented at New York’s Fashion Week was personally supported by U.S. Vogue editor Anna Wintour. Owens received the Council of Fashion […]

Panichgul, Thakoon

Panichgul, Thakoon Pronuciation: Ta-koon Pa-neech-gool Thakoon’s designs are eccentric yet charming, which is precisely why he’s often a Michelle Obama pick. This former fashion editor puts original spins on ordinary pieces—i.e. a knee-length cocktail design with sequins streaked across haphazardly. Last year, Thakoon’s line at Target flew off the shelves as quickly as they were […]