Lim, Phillip

Lim, Phillip Pronunciation: Fill-lip Lem Lim is known for taking ordinary fashion and giving it some extra bling—case in point; the Swarovski-encrusted headband or the silk blouse with an oversized self-tie below tacked on below the chin. Stars such as Natalie Portman and Kate Hudson are frequently seen sporting his cutesy designs. Phillip Lim hasn’t […]

Louboutin, Christian

Louboutin, Christian Pronunciation: KRI-shtaan Lu-bu-TAHN If you are a fan of the movie “Sex and The City” you know about footwear specialist Christian Louboutin, whose high heel shoes are often compared to a work of art. His styles range from Georgian and Oriental to Wedgwood porcelain and Louis XV. You can identify Louboutin’s by their […]

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Pronunciation: Lu-wee Vee-tuhhh Louis Vuitton started off as a luggage store in Paris in 1854 and is now a global status symbol. In fact the brand’s iconic “LV” logo is considered one of the first designer labels and was created in the late 19th century to, believe it or not, prevent counterfeiting. According […]

Malandrino, Catherine

Malandrino, Catherine Pronounced KATH-er-in Mal-an-DREE-no Combining “the energy of Manhattan with the romance of Paris”, designer Catherine Malandrino creates clothing with a soft elegant style. Malandrino states, “I want to create irresistible clothes that make a woman desirable, clothes that a man just wants to discreetly take off, clothes to keep as a secret, clothes […]


Marchesa Pronunciation: Mar-kay-sah Founded in 2004 by British fashion designers Georgina Chapman (wife of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein) and Keren Craig, the Marchesa label is a luxury brand inspired by the eccentric Italian socialite Marchesa Luisa Casati’s mantra of a person “being a living work of art”. Marchesa is best known for its red carpet […]


Marni Pronunciation: Mar-nee Italian brand Marni was launched in 1994 by Swiss-Italian fashion designer Consuelo Castiglioni as the sister brand to her husband’s family-owned fur company. With furs, bold colors, unconventional art prints and designs, Marni was able to imbibe a cool and fun vibe that became an instant hit to fashion enthusiasts. Marni‘s influence […]


MaxMara Pronunciation: M-ax Ma-ra World renowned Italian brand MaxMara is one of the pioneers in mass-producing designer clothes. Launched in 1951, family-owned MaxMara has been synonymous with clean lines, elegant coats and tailored suits for working women. Founded by designer Achille Maramotti, the history of House of MaxMara includes employing “up and coming designers” Karl […]

McQueen, Alexander

McQueen, Alexander Pronounced: Al-ex-AHN-der Mac-KWEEN Born March 17, 1969, in London, McQueen isn’t your typical designer: shaved head, tattoos, and risque-yet-fun catwalk shows. He’s known for his master tailoring and in 2001 became the chief designer for Givenchy. McQueen’s famous “bumster” trousers helped him receive the British Designer of the Year award in 1996. He […]

Miele, Carlos

Miele, Carlos Pronunciation: Car-lows Mi-ye-le If unique sexy clothes is what you’re looking for, then do not forget to add Brazilian fashion designer Carlos Miele‘s collection on your must see list. Using silk, chiffon and charmeuse in most of his creations, Miele mastered the craft of creating passionate pieces with bold colors, plunging necklines, low […]

Miller, Nicole

Miller, Nicole Pronounced: Na- Koal Mill-r Miller is known for mixing bold prints with very feminine cuts, resulting in trendy, yet wearable garments. She’s a big, Hollywood favorite (everyone from Halle Berry to Angelina Jolie wear her designs). To find Miller’s higher end line for less, check out or Smartbargains. For those of us […]