End of Budget Fashion in the US?

What: US Senator Chuck Shumer recently introduced a bill to reduce the number of designer “knock-offs” by allowing fashion designs to be copyrighted. What the fashion heads say: from WWD: The Schumer-backed Design Piracy Prohibition Act would protect original fashion designs for three years once registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. Current U.S. laws only […]

Give Me Your Two Cents: TBF Undergoes A Redesign

Thanks to you wonderful people, TBF has grown enormously over the pass year and that means it’s time to refresh our design. So during the month of September, we’ll be updating the site with lots of cool features like better integration of the forum within the site, the ability to use avatars in comments, more […]

Jovovich-Hawk Creates Line for Target

What: Model, actress and celebrity fashion designer, Milla Jovovich, is next on tap for Target’s Go International. What the fashion heads say: From The Envelope.com: The eclectic line is now beloved by Tinseltown trendies such as Chloe Sevigny, Nicole Richie, Brittany Murphy, Joy Bryant and Ginnifer Goodwin. Even Victoria Beckham has been spotted wearing a […]