Gucci Pronunciation: Goo-chee The House of Gucci was started in 1921 as a leather goods store by Gucci o Gucci. By the 50’s, Gucci had became a luxury-goods brand the world came to recognize through its iconic ‘G’ symbol. In the 70’s, the label started to deteriorate because of issues within the Gucci family but […]


Halston Pronunciation: Hall-stun If you lived in the 1970s, then you know Halston. Roy Halston Frowick was the guy that dressed pretty much anyone who entered the door of the infamous Studio 54. He was to fashion in the 70s what Marc Jacobs is to fashion today (maybe even a little higher), bringing fabrics like […]

Herchcovitch, Alexandre

Herchcovitch, Alexandre Pronunciation: Ah-le-zan-dreh Hair-ch-co-vich From designing clothes for drag queens and transvestites in his native town of Säo Paolo to creating clothes shown on the runaways of the fashion capitals of the world, Brazilian Alexandre Herchcovitch has made the world see a different side of Brazilian fashion. Showcasing eclectic prints, abstract colors, complex shapes, […]


Hermes Pronunciation: Air-mez Since 1837, the Parisian luxury goods company Hermes has made the most exclusive, most coveted bags in the world. So high is a Hermes handbag, that they even dissed Oprah (and course found out that nobody is bigger than Oprah). The Birkin bags (named after British actress Jane Birkin) and the Kelly […]

Herrera, Carolina

Herrera, Carolina Pronunciation: Ka-ro-lee-na Hair-air-ra Venezuelan designer Carolina Herrera‘s designs combine noble and charming with elegant yet simple styling. She launched her first collection in 1980 received great reviews and since then, Herrera has become known for her crafted suits, crisp blouses, cocktail dresses and gowns that is greatly coveted by major celebrities like Renee […]

Hilfiger, Tommy

Hilfiger, Tommy Pronunciation: Tom-ee Hill-Fig-ur There’s no denying that the urban crowd made the Tommy Hilfiger brand what it is today. Hilfiger’s clothes are also commonly seen as All-American and preppy, with fresh-faced jocks and peppy cheerleaders modeling his lines. Tommy Hilfiger started his career with a store called People’s Place in his native, Elmira, […]

Beauty Trend: Pink Cheeks

What: That flushed, outdoorsy look is really in. No pinching needed. What the experts say: At Zac Posen fashion show”>a recent Zac Posen fashion show, makeup artist Charlotte Tillbury toned down models’ eyes and lips and played up their cheek apples with a pinky-peach cream blush. “It’s sort of like a New York modern day […]

Paper or Plastic? Neither!

We’re used to getting funny looks at the grocery store. In our small town, it’s hard not to when you are going against the grain. We tend to do that, but most recently we’ve noticed that we’ve become trendsetters rather than outcasts. Here’s why: we use reuseable grocery bags. Sadly, they are the decidedly un-stylish […]

Van Dyck’s Flower Sale

If you’re a gardener, you’ll want to check out Van Dyck’s Flower Bulbs and Perennials end-of-season clearance. Bulbs and summer-blooming plants are on clearance for 60% off. Daffodils, summer lilies, tulips and others were still available at last check. For those in cool climates, buy bulbs now and force them indoors, or keep them chilled […]

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss Pronunciation: He-you-go Bo-s German clothing brand Hugo Boss has been around for almost 70 years. During WWII, the company designed and manufactured uniforms for the Army officials and other governmental branches of Nazi Germany. Despite their nefarious past, the brand continues to offer immaculate business suits favored by many leading male celebrities like […]