Cheap People Don’t Harm Retailer’s Profits

What: The long held belief in the retail industry that coupon loving folks (called devils by the retail industry- SERIOUSLY), had a negative impact on a grocery store’s bottom line appears to be not true, according to the folks at the Yale School of Management, who must have used coupons to help establish the University’s […]

Kathryn Chats with Laura Bryna Country Western Superstar

Today I chat with beautiful country western “supastar”,Laura Bryna. who gives me tips on rocking rhinestones, the power of good thick socks, and what it’s like to be friends with Roberto Cavalli (I imagine it involves lots of leopard printed silk). Besides being amazingly cool (listen to the interview and you’ll see), she’s also a […]

Street Fashion 101: In Black and White

The Budget Fashionista teams with to bring you style lessons from trend-setters on the street. The Look: Seen on the street during Spring 2008 Fashion Week in New York, she’s pulled together in a ZHlot skirt, Pierre Arterre heels, and a Lolly bag. For the Style File: Let’s face it, black and white is […]