eCycle’s Printer Cartidge Recycling Program: Recycle This

You might have thought to just throw away your old printer cartridge, thinking that once the ink runs out, the card is no good. eCycle has created recycle programs for recyling your empty printer cartidges in order to reduce landfills, and also save us money by reusing cartridges we already have. eCycle’s Campus Collection Program […]

Budget Food Tips: Sweet Cinnamon Flatbread

Jennifer Behar, owner of Jennifer’s Homemade, was on the Martha Stewart show recently, sharing her recipe for Sweet Cinnamon Flatbread. The treat sells at Whole Foods, Publix and on her website for $7 for a 6 oz. bag, or you can make it yourself for less. If you bake even occasionally, you probably have most […]

Make Homemade Labels from Christmas Cards: Green Tip

Every year I receive mountains of Christmas cards only to get thrown away, and you’ve probably got your own pile right now. Rather than throwing those Christmas cards away, try using them as homemade labels that you can use to put on next year’s Christmas gifts. Christmas cards usually contain snowmen, santas, and nice angel […]

Save on Racor Gravity Freestanding Bike Stand: Daily Deal

What: Wondering where you’re going to house that sweet new bike you got for the holidays? Look no further! Post-holiday sales are the best! This sale gets you the Racor gravity freestanding bike stand for more than 50% off its regular purchase price. The Lowdown: For $37.88 you can store two bikes in a space-saving […]

In Season: Cranberry Crunch Bars

Take advantage of the last days of cranberry season with these sweet-and-tart cranberry crunch bars. If you like the tartness of cranberries, reduce white sugar by ¼ cup or increase amount of cranberries by ½ cup. If you prefer a sweeter crunch, increase white sugar by ¼ cup. You will need: 3 cups fresh cranberries, […]

Beauty Advice: Best Waterproof Mascara

Dear Budget Fashionista, I’m looking for a new waterproof mascara (regular just melts right off my face). I’ve been using Make Up For Ever, but as a college student it’s just too expensive to be purchasing all the time. Any recommendations? Answer: My favorite budget waterproof mascara is Maybelline Great Lash – Waterproof Mascara. It’s […]

SkinMilk Shaving Milk

What: Robin attempts to shave her legs using SkinMilk Shaving Milk, $4.99. The Lowdown: In confiding with some close girlfriends, I’ve come to realize I’m not unlike many women who grab a razor in the shower and quickly mow over their legs with nothing more than some warm water and whatever soapy residual is left […]

Web Round Up:

What: is the place to go for tips on getting your home in order. The Lowdown: Sometimes the simplest, most inexpensive way to give our homes a fresh look is to clean, organize and declutter. Never is this more true than just after the hectic holiday season. The Flylady gives advice to SHEs (Sidetracked […]