Primary Colors: Beauty Trend 2008

What: Crayola crayons may just have inspired this season’s latest trend in makeup colors. What the experts say: The March 2008 issue of In Style magazine makes a cute word play about “winning the primaries’ when it comes to the trend of wearing bold hues like yellow, red and royal blue cosmetics: Says N.Y.C. makeup […]

Grow Zones: Budget Gardening Tip

If you want to successfully start or maintain a garden, it’s important to know your grow zone. The grow zone refers to the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map, and will tell you which plants will grow well in the climate where you live. This way, you won’t plant things that can’t survive in your climate. […]

Gettin’ Cheeky: Beauty Trend 2008

What: Accentuated cheekbones are the new lips. What the experts say: In a recent Los Angeles Times article, plastic surgeons went on record stating that more and more women patients are requesting to inflate, not their lips, but their cheeks: “What’s happening now is that people are focusing on more than just the obvious areas […]

Drying Herbs, Perennials: Green Tips

If you’re looking for one green habit to incorporate into your lifestyle, we would encourage you to think about growing and harvesting your own herbs. Why? 1. It’s an easy process, and a fulfilling one at that; 2. Planting your own adds additional carbon fighting elements into the atmosphere; 3. Saves you money. People often […]

Be fine: Natural Beauty

So…we’ve yet to have the opportunity to try out Be fine’s food skin care line (though we hope to do a product review on it soon!). But we have noticed their gorgeous, colorful ads in O, The Oprah Magazine. Have you been as curious as we have to try them out? Based on those pretty […]

Coral Lips: Beauty Trend 2008

What: Seems like your Grandma does know a thing or two about makeup. Coral “which was once a lipstick no no” is now a lipstick go-to. What the experts say: In a recent edition of People magazine, celebrity makeup artist Charlie Green tells readers just how to wear the most typically shunned shade: Once you’ve […]