Mossimo for Target Spring 2012 Collab: Colors, Colors, and Even More Colors

Over the years, Target and Mossimo’s partnership has continued to delight us budget fashionistas with their fresh, contemporary pieces. This season’s collection continues the great trend, with the launch of Mossimo® Spring 2012 Apparel Collection. We’re seeing a good mix of soft brights, pastels, nature motifs and romantic flowy fabrics; with skinny jeans and colored […]

Fashion Star: Episode 2 Recap

They’re onto something… Last night on “Fashion Star,” NBC’s new reality competition for aspiring clothing designers, former fourth-grade teacher turned Ziggy Stardust clone Kara Laricks, who faced elimination last week, became the object of a pulse-racing bidding war between Saks and H&M. Upping its bid to $110,000, the two-week-old series’ highest offer, Saks won the […]

Spring 2012 Fashion Trend: Keep it Light and Fluffy

Confession. We’re not big fans of linen here at TBF (seriously, who has the time to worry about ironing a garment- twice a day?), so imagine our utter excitement over the emergence of light weight, breathable fabrics for Spring/Summer 2012. We’re talking about flirty chiffons, graceful silks, and breathable cottons in colors that would turn […]

Five Brands that Should have Pinterest Boards

We don’t get why certain tops brands aren’t on Pinterest. If you’re a brand or a store, having a Pinterest page should be a no brainer. You can turn fans of your brand into brand evangelists, spreading the awesomeness of your products along with direct links to the products page on your site. From a […]

Fashion Star: Must-Watch Show or TV Dud?

Dear Reader, Have you ever uttered the compound noun “fashion star?” NBC insists that you have. Obviously, you’ve spoken of fashion icons, darlings and victims. But fashion “stars?” Now, you may wonder why, of all the bizarre stylistic choices NBC made stitching together its gaudy Project Runway knock-off, I’m chafing at the network’s choice of […]

Former Essence Beauty Editor Launches The Fly Cut – Salon Daily Deal Site for Black Women

Former Beauty Editor (Essence, Lucky, etc) Tia Williams and her sisters, Devon and Lauren, are launching a daily deal salon/beauty website for black women. The site, The Fly Cut, is set to launch in April (note to publicists ALWAYS send out an url when pitching a website) with the first deal to be half off […]

Spring Fashion Trend 2012 : How to Wear Sheer Tops

Sheer tops are one of those hot fashion trends for Spring 2012 that can be a bit of a puzzle to wear for the average fashionista. While we love the look, the keyword here is sheer, which means that your “tids and bits”, will be partially on display for others to see. So, we put […]

Top Five Pinterest Boards We Love

We here at TBF have a well-documented obsession with the online “inspiration board” Pinterest. While the fashionable social media tool has yet to reach the spammers (but we know they’re a- comin’), it can still be a bit of a chore to figure out which boards you should follow to get you moving on the […]