Make Your Own Vanilla Sugar Recipe

Flavored sugars can be expensive and sometimes difficult to find. The next time you need vanilla flavored sugar, or want to add a gourmet dash to a dessert, make your own flavored sugar with this vanilla recipe: Combine 1 cup organic granulated sugar (even Domino Sugar now offers an organic version) with a vanilla bean. […]

Drying Herbs, Annuals: Green Tips

On Wednesday, we posted about how you too can dry your own fresh herbs. What a great way to save money, help the environment, and have a little fun while you’re at it! Wednesday’s post focused on perennial herbs, which is a slightly different process from harvesting annual herbs. So today’s post will give specific […]

Primary Colors: Beauty Trend 2008

What: Crayola crayons may just have inspired this season’s latest trend in makeup colors. What the experts say: The March 2008 issue of In Style magazine makes a cute word play about “winning the primaries’ when it comes to the trend of wearing bold hues like yellow, red and royal blue cosmetics: Says N.Y.C. makeup […]

Hemp Hats and Gloves now on sale at  The Deal

The Deal: Recycled Hemp hats and gloves now on sale at The Lowdown: When those cooler Spring days call for a few cold-weather accessories, reach for a recycled silk and hemp combo!  These hand-woven hats and gloves are made by Nepalese artisans, and are a unique way to dress up for the great outdoors.  […]

Gettin’ Cheeky: Beauty Trend 2008

What: Accentuated cheekbones are the new lips. What the experts say: In a recent Los Angeles Times article, plastic surgeons went on record stating that more and more women patients are requesting to inflate, not their lips, but their cheeks: “What’s happening now is that people are focusing on more than just the obvious areas […]