Organize Your Receipts: Go Green

The other day at The Budget Ecoist…we were just minding our own business when suddenly…we were taken aback by a reader’s question, “Can I recycle receipt paper?” Well, um, yes, we think so. I mean, we’ve been recycling our receipts…but maybe we’re not supposed to? Maybe there’s some special rule about receipt paper. Oh gosh…have […]

Sausage and Peppers: Budget Food Tip

Here’s a quick stir fry meal when you’re pressed for time but want a delicious and hearty meal: sausage and peppers. Use turkey or chicken sausage for reduced fat, and throw in an extra bell pepper, more mushrooms or some sliced zucchini for more vegetables. You will need: 2 bell peppers (use red, green, orange, […]

Ziploc–The Other Plastic Bag: Recycle This!

This is one of those tips that will make significant others look at you askew. But it’s all for the greater good, and you’re used to it anyway, right? Ziploc bags are so handy, yet so wasteful. Use ’em once and throw ’em away, right? Wrong! Why not simply wash’ em? You probably don’t want […]

Organization for Small Spaces Under $30: The Look for Less

Finding room and staying organized in a tight space is a huge challenge, and it requires some extra creativity to make everything fit just right. That’s why we love, which offers a wide range of items for small living spaces, because they do a lot of the thinking for you. We rounded up a […]

Meet The Priors: Green Home

The introduction of electronics recycling stations only highlights the problem of all the disposable hardware in our world. Busted monitor? Buy a new one! PDA lose all your contacts? Better upgrade! Drop your cell phone in the bathtub? Just head to the mall and re-up your contract. Not so fast – The Priors, a family […]