Dove Energizing Ultimate Clear Deodorant: Product Review

What: Christiana tries out Dove Energizing Ultimate Clear Deodorant. At a suggested price of $4.99 ($4.24 at, the scents of grapefruit and lemongrass try to keep the user smelling fresh and so clean in this heat and humidity. The Lowdown: The pros first: I’ve always been dedicated to clear or gel deodorants for fear […] Gaming for a Green Planet

Tired of the same old video and computer games? Wanting to do something with your brain other than numb it? just may be your answer. allows you to play online games – starring princesses of the sea, earth and sky – that raise environmental awareness. Hulalagirls is dedicated to conserving and protecting nature […]

Congratulations to More Perfume Winners!

Congratulations to our second set of perfume winners! Their perfume is on the way to them right now! qshukura has won Capri, one of Michael Kors’ “Island” fragrances. Capri has a combination of florals, fruit scents, and woodsy ingredients that combine to create an exotic, tropical fragrance perfect for the summer. Chinese kiwi, honeysuckle, gingerlilies, […]

Reader Advice: Best Belts on a Budget

For some, the belt is a minor wardrobe element—something that performs a function more than makes a style statement. But, as budget fashionistas, we should remember that a cute/trendy belt is one of the best ways to update those old pieces without shelling out big bucks. The problem is, sometimes finding a great belt that

High vs. Low: Eyeliner

An eyeliner is one of the essential eye makeup products along with eye shadow and mascara. It enhances the shape of the eyes while also giving them an edgy appeal. The ancient Egyptians were among the first to outline their eyes with pigment for beautification, but also for spiritual reasons. Today, eyeliner is mainly used […]

This Just In: Sequel to Sex and the City in the Works

What: Plans for a second Sex and the City movie are in early development, according to Entertainment Weekly. Discussions have begun, but there are no concrete deals nor a script. What We Say: The characters’ lives wrapped up perfectly in the first movie that we didn’t realize a sequel was even a possibility. We’re excited. […]

Awesome Savings at

The Deal: is a great online store for, well, everything—they have clothes, lingerie, swimsuits, shoes and handbags—all constantly discounted one way or another. What We Say: Designer gear is a luxury that we can’t treat ourselves to every day, but makes it significantly easier on our wallets when we do. Since we don’t […]

Makeshift Table Under $35: The Look for Less

Usually the cheapest furniture sources include the thrift store or Craigslist. The major downside is that it can be very time-consuming trying to find something that’s presentable and will also match your style. Not everyone wants to go the secondhand route, but there is a way, however, to have a little more control in your […]

Plaid: British Style on a Budget

Once reserved solely for Scottish kilts, tartan (or plaid) made waves on the 1970s punk scene in London, after being revolutionized by Brit designer, Vivienne Westwood. There was hardly a designer in sight that didn