Organize Your Receipts: Go Green

The other day at The Budget Ecoist…we were just minding our own business when suddenly…we were taken aback by a reader’s question, “Can I recycle receipt paper?” Well, um, yes, we think so. I mean, we’ve been recycling our receipts…but maybe we’re not supposed to? Maybe there’s some special rule about receipt paper. Oh gosh…have […]

The Black Tank: High Vs. Low

There’s almost nothing as versatile in the summer as a black tank top—it goes with jeans, shorts, skirts, flip flops, flats, heels, and can be accessorized in so many ways that it almost boggles our budget fashion sensibilities. But as useful as it is, is the black tank worth sinking a bunch of cash into? […]

Meet The Priors: Green Home

The introduction of electronics recycling stations only highlights the problem of all the disposable hardware in our world. Busted monitor? Buy a new one! PDA lose all your contacts? Better upgrade! Drop your cell phone in the bathtub? Just head to the mall and re-up your contract. Not so fast – The Priors, a family […]