Frost Dates: Budget Gardening Tip

Before you start planting, consider the frost date for your growing zone. (Click here to access the USDA Hardiness Zone Map to determine your city or region’s growing zone.) Frost dates are based on historical data compiled by the United States Department of Agriculture. The probability of frost or freeze is greatly affected by elevation, […]

Tires into Playgrounds: Recycle This

We first learned about recycled tires being used in playgrounds from a daycare provider. Her home was a veritable playground for children. Tiny tables and chairs filled the kitchen, colorful little sleeping mats were piled neatly in the corner of the living room. And the backyard! What we wouldn’t have done to have a playground […]

Keri Long Lasting Hand Cream with Vitamin E: Product Review

What: Robin plunks down $4.99 with hopes of salvaging her dry hands with Keri Long Lasting Hand Cream with Vitamin E. The Lowdown: Truth be told, hand cream is not the sexiest thing on the market. It’s hand cream. Most of the time, you can even get by with a dollop of body lotion. But […]

Five Uses for Potatoes: Budget Food Tip

The humble spud. A steakhouse staple and frequent side dish at holiday dinners, the baking potato has more uses than you might think. Here are five not-so-common ways to use this common ingredient. Pick up glass. The next time you need to pick up shattered or broken glass, try slicing a potato in half, then […]

Unclogging a Drain, Naturally: Green Tips

Want a great, natural solution for that clogged drain? We love this tip! It’s not only effective, but it’s also a fun process. If you have small children in the house, consider having them help you. Kids love the reaction caused by mixing baking soda and vinegar, and because this is a natural solution, there’s […]