Early Spring Gardening To Do List: Budget Gardening

March 20th marks the first day of spring. As such, it’s time to start thinking about your spring garden. There are several things you can do now to get it ready for planting. Following are some tips to get your garden ready to grow. Clean up last year’s garden soil. If they’re not covered with […]

Meals for Four under $15: Budget Grocery Tip

We’re always looking for a way to save money on groceries and still make delicious meals. So when we found out that Whole Foods offers a booklet online, Meals for Four for under $15, we had to check it out. From ready-to-top pizza crusts and easy baking mixes to scallops in a delicious sauce, the […]

Moving Boxes: Recycle This

Ahhhh…the joys of moving! All those boxes, the newspaper, the packaging peanuts! It’s enough to make an Eco Warrior go mad! We’ve previously posted tips on how to recycle and reuse packaging peanuts. But let’s face it, from an environmental perspective, packaging peanuts are, well, peanuts in terms of the bigger picture. Moving boxes…now that’s […]

Fashion Advice: How to Dress for a Conservative Evening Event and Still Have a Little Style

Dear Budget Fashionista, I’m the female dinner speaker for an evening black tie military event (I’m not military). The soldiers will be dressed in blues and I need to be comfortable. What do you suggest? Answer: The key to situations like this, when you’re speaking to a more conservative and traditional audience, is simple elegance. […]

Make Your Own Flavored Sugars: Budget Food Tip

Flavored sugars are expensive and sometimes difficult to find. The next time you need vanilla flavored sugar, make your own. Simply take 1 cup granulated sugar and add a vanilla bean. Store the sugar in an air-tight container, and let sit for about a week before using. To use, give it a stir to evenly […]

Environmentally-Friendly Painting: Go Green

Spring is here (yeah!). Quick: what thought does spring conjure up? If you’re like us, the beginning of spring is synonymous with cleaning and organizing. Perhaps you’ve had painting on your long overdue to-do list, but you’ve been worried about the whispers of “environmental repercussions” and “health concerns”. If so, print this post and consider […]

Keeping a Gardening Journal: Budget Gardening Tip

A garden journal includes important information to help you get the most from your gardening efforts. It’s your single best source of growing and gardening tips for next year. First, decide what medium to use. Find a notebook or binder that strikes your fancy, or go paperless and use a computer document or start a […]