Summer Soles Fragrant Footings Scented Insoles: Product Review

What: Robin spares her family from her stinky feet with Summer Soles Fragrant Footings Scented Insoles, $15.00 for two pairs. The Lowdown: Since ballet flats have been my shoe du jour, my sock drawer has endured a long and lonely season. In turn, my family has had to deal with my stinky end-of-the-day feet. Enter […]

Green Seed Packets: Green Gardening

Gardeners now have one more way to go green: Seeds of Change has updated its seed packs to new, reusable, recyclable envelopes. The company says its new state-of-the-art packaging requires less energy to manufacture, has a longer shelf life, and can be recycled as #1 plastic. Additionally, the re-sealable packets can be re-used to store […]

Nice n Easy Perfect 10 Permanent Hair Color: Product Review

What: On her quest for the fountain of youth, Robin covers her gray with the new Perfect 10 Permanent Hair Color from Nice ‘n Easy, $13.99. The Lowdown: It’s hard to go into any Target or drugstore and not bump into an endcap filled with Nice ‘n Easy’s new Perfect 10 hair color line. They […]

Make Your Own Baking Powder: Budget Food Tip

Bread, muffins, biscuits, scones, cakes, if you frequently bake any of these from scratch, you probably have all the necessary ingredients on hand. But did you know that baking powder, the leavening agent that goes into these (and many other) recipes to help them”rise” can be made from scratch as well? Many bakers make their […]

Super-long Center Parted Hair: Beauty Trend

What: Middle parts are splitting more hairstyles down the middle. The Word: This from the 2008 issue of Elle magazine: Guido Palau, who styled the models from Chloe ’s spring runway show: “faked inches by adding extensions too those who didn’t have enough length.” Then, he parted their hair straight down the middle and sent […]

Saving Money on Electricity: Green Tips

Friday is upon us! We save all of our great idea planning for the weekends. And as tax day looms ever-closer, our weekend planning has mainly revolved around how we can improve our budget over the next year. In some cases, “being green” can equate to more costly as, for example, when businesses work towards […]

Spring Planting: Budget Gardening Tip

As the temperatures begin to rise, it’s time to start thinking about your garden. Whether it’s a few pots on the terrace or balcony, or several yards of dirt in your backyard, you can start planning and planting now. Starting plants from seed is more economical than purchasing already started plants, and is a good […]

Make Brown Sugar: Budget Grocery Tip

Brown sugar is a staple in many baking recipes, but did you know you can make it yourself at home? It’s quick, easy and more natural to make your own brown sugar, using ingredients most likely already in your pantry. You’ll need: 1 cup white sugar 1-2 Tbsp. molasses (1 Tbsp. for light brown sugar […]

Kids Tee Shirts on Sale at Barefoot Kids:  Daily Deal

The Deal: Select kids t-shirts on sale at Barefoot Kids The Lowdown: Pick up green t-shirts and onesies for baby in the clearance center at Barefoot Kids. These 100% heavyweight organic cotton shirts are made with a special clay-dyeing process and utilize unbleached cotton fabric. Select styles are now only $17 – $18 each. Each […]