The Gray T-Shirt Dress: High Vs. Low

It seems the gray t-shirt dress is the latest mid-summer trend amongst the Hollywood set, and we can’t really argue with it’s comfort or ease. We can, however, argue against paying too much for one. Clearly, you don’t have to, and here’s proof: We’ve picked two t-shirt dresses—one carries a pricetag far too hefty for […]

Solio Charger: Go Green

Perhaps you’re like the average American and you’ve found yourself suddenly surrounded by small electronic devices that (feasibly) make your life easier. With those time saving wonders come lots of plugs and cords that get tangled up and lost just when you need them. What’s an eco-minded tech-savvy guy or gal to do? Check out […]

High vs. Low: Sneakers

Most hardcore fashionistas wouldn’t be caught dead without their stilettos, but every once in a while you have to take them off and put on some comfy sneakers. After all, you certainly can’t exercise in sky-high heels (unless you’re Mariah Carey, that is). Everyone should have at least one decent, and still good-looking, pair in […]

The Cuteness: Hit It Alarm Clock, $12.99

What: The Hit It Alarm Clock, available at Target for $12.99, with a big red off button just waiting to be hit. Why You Need This: Got problems waking up in the morning? Well this alarm clock, with big red “off”button at the top is just begging you to slap the hell out of it. […]

Best Scarves on a Budget: Reader Advice

Wait a minute . . . scarves? Sounds a bit wintery, doesn’t it? But we’re not talking grandma-knitted wool mufflers here—we mean something more along the lines of oh, say, Grace Kelly and Jackie O. Scarves, in our humble opinion, are a great style note that can add a little personality to any outfit without […]