Tile Tattoos: The Look for Less

Looking to update your kitchen back splash or bathroom wall tiles without revamping the entire room? Now you can change the look of your tiles with stickers! Not just for kids anymore, homeowners and renters alike can beautify their back splash or stylize their shower with tile tattoos from by Mibo. Impervious to water and […]

Leftover Paper: Recycle This

Be the envy of your friends at the party, and deliver your gift with presentation! Don’t let fancy stores have all the fun packing your gift for you; you can do it yourself with minimal effort and recyclable materials from around the house. This past weekend, we were preparing for a party. We had purchased […]

Wash Rags: DIY

Wash rags, or dish rags, aren’t expensive, but sometimes it’s hard to find a good one. If you can knit, you can make these handy wash rags for just a dollar or two each. Made of 100 percent cotton (use the organic stuff if you can), they are smooth and soft, and won’t scratch even […]

If It’s On Credit It’s No Deal

How many times have you stumbled across a massive clearance or enticing sale at your favorite store right around the time when you ran out of money until the next payday? If you are like most people, chances are when this occurs your first instinct might be to grab your credit card and start charging.  […]

The Floppy Brimmed Hat: High Vs. Low

Hats can add a little oomph to the most basic of outfits—and we love ‘em because, like belts, you can get some that look trendy and terrific without parting with a whole lotta dough. You could pay more for a stylish hat, but we’re here to prove it’s not necessary, with this floppy hat high […]

What’s Mine Is Yours: Green Fashion

Buy and swap designer, vintage and fashionable clothing at whatsmineisyours.com Ever get fully bummed out to realize you no longer fit into (or the piece no longer fits your style) one of your favorite pieces of clothing? Adding salt to the wound, it was an expensive piece of clothing, and simply donating it feels like […]

Yafa Pens: Recycle This

Sometimes the little things get overlooked in your daily recycling sort. Plastic bottles? Check. Coffee lids? Eh, maybe. While we would all love to be uber-green and create our own textile piles from unraveled sweater threads, the reality is some things get left behind. Like say, your used up Bic. And while you can take […]