New York City Fashion Week Spring 09: Rubin Singer

source You can feel the buzz, even if you’re nowhere near Bryant Park, or New York City for that matter—the NYC Fashion Week Spring 09 has begun. Fortunately, we’re in the trenches, covering it as only The Budget Fashionista can. What: Rubin Singer Runway Show, The Promenade at Bryant Park The Lowdown: Power to the […]

Your Old CDs: Recycle This

The CDs we accumulated all through the 90s are now gathering dust in the basement. We loved reading the lyrics while listening on our bulky old Walkmans, but with the advent of the MP3 player, the era of the CD has passed. Bands like Spice Girls and New Kids on the Block have returned (much […]

Reuse Two-Liter Bottles: Green Video

We’ve already shown you how to save water and money by leaving a plastic bottle in your toilet tank, but check out seven other ways to re-use your two-liter soda bottle. Don’t throw the empty bottles from that Labor Day party you had into the recycling bin just yet — most of these projects are […]

Fashion Trend Alert: Tie-Neck Blouses

“THESE PRODUCTS ARE NO LONGER BEING SOLD” In the past, only certain types of women have been able to truly pull off menswear , Katharine Hepburn among them. Right now though, aspects of menswear are appearing all over, giving everyone the opportunity to be a little androgynous. But don’t think of the 1980’s working woman […]

Recycled, Handmade Envelopes: Go Green

We mourn the loss of the handwritten letter when when we open our mailbox eagerly every day, only to see bills and advertisements. That’s why we cooed over these recycled envelopes ($10) when we came across them on Etsy. These clever creations come in handy when you’re sending out a thank you note, a greeting […]

Top Five Favorite Kathryn Quotes, Part Deux: The Budget Fashionista’s Fifth Anniversary

A week or so ago, we rounded up five of our favorite quotes from The Budget Fashionista herself, Kathryn — but five really just wasn’t enough. Hence, another list — a second run at Kathryn’s top five takes on all things fashion: 5. “I hate vests. Vests scare me. No, seriously, vest really do scare […]

Tree Free Journals: Recycle This

Even though most of us journal, email, and do everything else on a computer screen these days instead of paper; there is still something special about taking out your beautifully bound notebook and quill and going to literary town. Sadly, some trees died for our right to write and that makes us a little less […]

Fashion Trend Alert: Checkers

Checkers and gingham have been updated with bright colors and modern cuts—meaning they’re no longer relegated to the farm. The trends been spotted on Reese Witherspoon, Ashlee Simpson and Lauren Conrad, and we have to say, they all look pretty cute and comfortable in their loose, button-down shirts and jeans. The bright color trend of […]