Sex and the City Movie Fashion Trend: The Belt

“THESE PRODUCTS ARE NO LONGER BEING SOLD” From all the movie stills making the rounds, the Sex and the City ladies seem to be all about the waist-cinching belt, which makes perfect sense considering they’ve got the figures for it. Truly, though, belts are great for creating a little hourglass action on any body type. […]

High vs. Low: Eye(shadow)-Candy

MAC eyeshadow has long been a staple of makeup artists, celebs, and real women alike, beloved for its heavily-pigmented formula – which ensures that what you see in the pot is what you get on your lids upon application. A trip to the MAC cosmetics counter brings us back to those kid-in-a-candy-store days: the array […]

Organize Your Receipts: Go Green

The other day at The Budget Ecoist…we were just minding our own business when suddenly…we were taken aback by a reader’s question, “Can I recycle receipt paper?” Well, um, yes, we think so. I mean, we’ve been recycling our receipts…but maybe we’re not supposed to? Maybe there’s some special rule about receipt paper. Oh gosh…have […]

Sausage and Peppers: Budget Food Tip

Here’s a quick stir fry meal when you’re pressed for time but want a delicious and hearty meal: sausage and peppers. Use turkey or chicken sausage for reduced fat, and throw in an extra bell pepper, more mushrooms or some sliced zucchini for more vegetables. You will need: 2 bell peppers (use red, green, orange, […]

Organization for Small Spaces Under $30: The Look for Less

Finding room and staying organized in a tight space is a huge challenge, and it requires some extra creativity to make everything fit just right. That’s why we love, which offers a wide range of items for small living spaces, because they do a lot of the thinking for you. We rounded up a […]

Meet The Priors: Green Home

The introduction of electronics recycling stations only highlights the problem of all the disposable hardware in our world. Busted monitor? Buy a new one! PDA lose all your contacts? Better upgrade! Drop your cell phone in the bathtub? Just head to the mall and re-up your contract. Not so fast – The Priors, a family […]