Attention Shopaholics: Tips for Getting Your Financial Priorities in Order

Most of us love shopping, and who doesn’t like finding a great bargain? The truth is, however, that sometimes the joys of shopping evolve beyond something we do just do get the things we need or splurge a little on something nice.  For some people, shopping becomes a real problem, and can even border on […]

Use Your Leftovers: Budget Grocery Tip

Sure, you can clip coupons and watch for in-store sales and specials. However, there is another easy way to save on the groceries you buy: use your leftovers. How often do you end up tossing out wilted fruits and vegetables? Do leftovers get used, or just get left over in the fridge until they are […]

Housing Works Fourth Annual Design on a Dime Event

Kathryn is a HUGE fan of Housing Works Thrift Shop and if you happen to be in the New York area next week, you MUST attend this event, especially if you’re interesting in celeb sightseeing WHAT: Housing Works’ fourth-annual Design on a Dime presented by Real Simple magazine. Thirty of the world’s leading interior designers […]

Ribbon Napkin Rings: DIY

Just like the little black dress can take on multiple personalities with different accessories, so can the simple white napkin. By changing up the “jewelry” creative rings give napkins many different looks. Instead of Grandma’s formal silver rings (save them for Thanksgiving), try a variety of cookie cutters for the shiny effect at the table. […]

Eco-Friendly Gardening with DIY Network: Go Green

Prime gardening season is upon us! You know what that means….it’s time to strategize about how our landscapes and gardens are going to receive the water necessary to thrive, without being wasteful. A quick tip is to keep a small bucket near your bathroom. As you are warming the water for a bath or shower, […]