Sweep Dreams Broom: Recycle This

We oftentimes try to perk up the drudgery that is housework here at TBE. Why? Because we’re too budget conscious to pay for a house cleaner and don’t like being miserable on a daily – okay weekly . . . okay bi-weekly – basis. Lucky for us there are plenty of products out there to […]

Making Granola: Eco-Food Tip

Recently, while visiting with a college friend, there was a discussion about making our own yogurt and roasting our own coffee. She, thoroughly appalled at our “hippie” leanings, sarcastically asked if we had begun baking our own granola. We happily replied that we had. Making granola is not reserved for hemp wearing, dreadlocked, VW bus […]

Harajuku Lovers Fragrances: Product Review

What: Angela gives Gwen Stefani’s five—count ‘em, five—new Harajuku Lovers fragrances a spritz. The Lowdown: Oh, dear dear Gwen—while there are many many many other celebs that I would just consider over-the-top for releasing five separate fragrances—in bottles topped by plastic, anime-inspired “dolls” no less—your particular brand of over-the-topness just somehow makes sense. So five […]

Biodegradable Houseware: Go Green

Wheatware’s mission? “Save virgin forests and reduce oil dependency.” They’re ambitious goals for a company that sells flatware, hangers, drumsticks, golf tees and more sundry items but seeing as all their ordinary household items are made of wheat and biodegradable resin, Wheatware has a fighting chance. Purchase their flatware for a party instead of plastic […]

Domino Coasters: Green Video

We all have board games that are missing pieces. If you have an unplayable domino set, don’t throw away the plastic pieces into the trash. Instead, watch this video and learn how to create a coaster out of them. All you need is scissors, a hot glue gun, the dominoes, and felt. Your tabletops will […]

Get Your Rock Posters Here: Go Green

When you’re getting your rock on the last thing you want to think about is your impact on the environment (unless you’re at Burning Man – then, yeah, you’ll be thinking about it). Luckily those clever gig poster designers at The Decoder Ring Design Concern have done all the responsible fretting for you. The creators […]

Money Mess: Personal Finance Advice

It’s not too tough to realize when your personal finances have spiraled out of control, especially if bill collectors are calling you all hours of the day and your electricity is shut off because you haven’t paid your bill in a couple of months. What about the period of time leading up to this financial […]