Guerilla Gardening: Go Green

A new trend is afoot in the gardening world, and it’s spreadin like squash! Eco-warriors are banning together, stealth-style, to transform public spaces from grim to green. It’s called Guerilla Gardening, and it’s quickly becoming the new hobby of environmentally conscious consumers. With their “weapons of mass beautification” in hand, so-called guerilla gardeners essentially squat […]

Restaurant Recipes at Home: Budget Food Tip

Welcome to The Budget Casa, where we help you create a fabulous home a budget. Check out our home decorating tips, easy do-it-yourself projects, advice for entertaining on a budget and share your tips in our decorating forum. Who doesn’t love to eat out? Whether it’s trying a new dish, or your usual at the […]

Stick a Cork in it: Recycle This!

Now this is the kind of recycling anyone can get behind: Step 1 is “Drink 180 bottles of wine (adults only).” That’s right, it’s time to start collecting those wine bottle corks when you recycle the wine bottles, and then put them to good use. If you’re feeling ambitious, you’re going to make a decorative […]

Recycled Flip-Flop Doormats and Baskets: Green Home

While you’re out shopping for new summer flops, take a moment to pay homage to the ones you wore down to the nubbins at last year’s beach parties. Then thank the people at Uncommon Goods who are selling cool products made from the waste at flip-flop factories. Using every part of the rubber, these baskets, […]

Organic Cotton 101: Green Fashion

Green gals know to buy organic cotton. But why? Here’s a run-down on organic cotton and why you should look for it when buying t-shirts, towels, and yet more of those always-disappearing white socks. Conventional cotton is one of the most widely grown crops in the world. It’s also one of the most chemical-intensive – […]

Planting Seeds from Foods You Eat: Budget Gardening Tip

An inexpensive way to grow fruits and vegetables you know you’ll love is to plant the seeds from your favorite fruits and vegetables. Seed saving has long been popular for reproducing plants from heirloom seeds, and it can easily be done from fruits and vegetables you purchase at the store or at a local market. […]

Expert Closet Cleaning Tips: Jerry Pozinak, Cameo Cleaners

Jerry Pozniak, owner of Cameo Cleaners in New York City, gives us some great tips for cleaning out our closet and prepping them for storage. Expert Closet Cleaning Tips Clothing Preservation 101 · Clean all items thoroughly before packing – if the item is delicate, have it dry cleaned. · Plastic or cardboard storage containers […]