Fashion Gone Stupid: The World’s Most Expensive Handbag

GinzaTanaka, the Japanese jewelry firm who created the world’s most expensive handbag last year, is finally putting the handbag up for sale for one very stupid lucky buyer. The 1.63 million dollar 1.9 million dollar bag, currently on display in London for its Jewelry Week, is made of pure platinum and 2,182 diamonds totaling 208 […]

News Alert: Target’s New Designers

What: Target, where we first learned that clothes and accessories by famous designers need not cost a month’s salary, is adding two more designers to its repertoire. The Word: Anya Hindmarch will be designing handbags while Sigerson Morrison will be creating a line of shoes, according to WWD. Anya Hindmarch is an English accessories designer […]

Homemade White Sauce Three Ways: Budget Food Tip

Homemade white sauce is easy to prepare, inexpensive and surprisingly versatile. It can be mixed with other ingredients to make a simple pot pie, a variety of vegetable cream-based soups, and even homemade cheese sauce for fondue, drizzling over broccoli or other vegetables, or for macaroni and cheese. Following is an easy recipe for white […]

Green Glass Vintage Goblet: Green Home

Sometimes your fancy friends come over and it’s time to put away the tumblers and PBR, clean off the good china and pour a Pinot. Why not spend your hard-earned home entertainment dollars on sustaining practices of elegant craftsmanship that you can pass down to your grandchildren? Green Glass is a group of adventurers who […]

Discovery Channel’s Planet Green Launches: Green Video

Planet Green, the first all-green television network, launched on June 4. 24-hour programming on everything green: DIY projects, reality shows, food and more. Get a quick idea about the great shows that are going to be featured on this new, progressive channel! We’re looking forward to the Ludacris and Tommy Lee reality show, Battleground Earth, […]

Mirrored Accessories Under $30: The Look for Less

No longer necessary objects for the vain, mirrors can be used in countless ways to enhance your décor, whether used as looking glasses or as they appear on home accessories themselves. Because mirrors reflect light, they can make a room feel larger; they also can be used to reflect interesting details of your space. We’ve […]