Summer Clearance Sale at NY and Co.

The Deal: New York and Company is slashing prices on summer merchandise down to the single digits—sale ends July 26. What We Say: As July winds down, retailers are looking forward to autumn. But as long as the weather is hot, we can’t picture ourselves in long sleeves quite yet, so we’re loving the prices […]

Votive Candles: DIY

Learn how to make votive candles from this video at This project requires several pieces of supplies, but once you purchase them, you’ll never have to spend your money on candles again. Use your new skills as a candle-maker to create thoughtful gifts for others, too. Supplies like votive candle wax, molds, candle fragrance […]

Magazines: Recycle This

Here are ten great things to do with all those old magazines cluttering up your home: 1. Donate them to retirement homes, libraries and doctor’s offices. (Be sure to remove your mailing address first, if you have a subscription) 2. If you have recipe magazines (hello, Rachael Ray!) that you can’t bear to part with, […]

High vs. Low: Color Sunglasses

We can all pretty much agree that summer is the perfect season to put some color into your wardrobe. After all, there’s plenty of time in the autumn and winter months to adopt a much more drab color palette. One of the best ways to add color to your look without channeling Rainbow Brite is […]

Vogue Italia Black Issue: Win This!

What: Vogue Italia’s July issue is a historical one: it addresses the issue of racial inequality in the fashion world by filling its editorial pages with models of color from Naomi Campbell to up-and-comers like Sessilee Lopez. Why You Want This: Vogue Italia isn’t exactly available at the grocery checkout line and even if you […]

Reducing Vacation Waste: Recycle This

Recently the Budget Ecoist took a beach vacation and marveled at the amount of disposable products needed on said vacation and the lack of recycling bins in convenient (read: on the beach, at the motel) places. Short of taking your green and blue bins with you, (which would certainly take up precious trunk or overhead […]

How to Make Your Own Laundry Detergent

At The Budget Ecoist we’re passionate about coming up with clever, natural, inexpensive solutions around the home – mainly because we like impressing our friends. They always ask how we do it. We smile coyly, our Martha Stewart smile, and then we make some smooth remark about how it’s really no big deal. But now […]

Personal Finance Advice: Buying a Car

We all know – or should know – that buying a car involves a lot more than finding a make and model that suits your personal tastes. While it’s true that you don’t want to buy a car that you personally find to be hideous, there is so much more to buying the right car […]