Reducing Vacation Waste: Recycle This

Recently the Budget Ecoist took a beach vacation and marveled at the amount of disposable products needed on said vacation and the lack of recycling bins in convenient (read: on the beach, at the motel) places. Short of taking your green and blue bins with you, (which would certainly take up precious trunk or overhead […]

How to Make Your Own Laundry Detergent

At The Budget Ecoist we’re passionate about coming up with clever, natural, inexpensive solutions around the home – mainly because we like impressing our friends. They always ask how we do it. We smile coyly, our Martha Stewart smile, and then we make some smooth remark about how it’s really no big deal. But now […]

Personal Finance Advice: Buying a Car

We all know – or should know – that buying a car involves a lot more than finding a make and model that suits your personal tastes. While it’s true that you don’t want to buy a car that you personally find to be hideous, there is so much more to buying the right car […]

Sprout Your Own: Budget Grocery Tip

Sprouts are back. A staple of 1970s diets, they’ve returned with a vengeance, and for good reason. Sprouts contain many disease-preventing phytochemicals. Many sprout varieties are rich in antioxidants, protein, vitamin D, vitamin C and isoflavones. And, sprouts you grow yourself are fresher and much less expensive than those pre-packaged store sprouts. We checked our […]

Eco-Friendly Suede: Green Fashion

Suede doesn’t usually make one think “eco-friendly” – the suede-based thought process is generally more along the lines of “pleasing and fashionable by-product of that very tasty cheeseburger, with a side serving of guilt.” But no longer. August marks the launch of the first line of eco-friendly suede jackets. From the beast to your back, […]

Eco-Friendly Dresses at

What: Our blog, The Budget Ecoist, teaches us how to live a green life on a budget. helps fashionistas like that stretch our desire to be eco-friendly with fashionable, pretty and bio-degradable dresses. What We Say: Expand your wardrobe and infuse a social conscience into your wardrobe. You might’ve thought “organic” just referred to […]

Best Beauty Tools on a Budget: Reader Advice

While we’re all about focusing on natural beauty, sometimes a girl just needs a little help to look her best, in the form of some kind of tool that heats, dries, straightens, cleanses, trims, shaves, exfoliates . . . well, the list goes on. If you’ve ever set foot into a beauty supply store you […]

Tiered Serving Tray: The Look for Less

Gather three plates (matching for a classic look, or mismatched for a funky, less formal effect) and two cups (coffee cups, juice glasses or even candle sticks will do). Place the largest plate on the bottom, topped with a glass in its center as a spacer, and stack another plate on top. Repeat and finally […]