Solio Charger: Go Green

Perhaps you’re like the average American and you’ve found yourself suddenly surrounded by small electronic devices that (feasibly) make your life easier. With those time saving wonders come lots of plugs and cords that get tangled up and lost just when you need them. What’s an eco-minded tech-savvy guy or gal to do? Check out […]

High vs. Low: Sneakers

Most hardcore fashionistas wouldn’t be caught dead without their stilettos, but every once in a while you have to take them off and put on some comfy sneakers. After all, you certainly can’t exercise in sky-high heels (unless you’re Mariah Carey, that is). Everyone should have at least one decent, and still good-looking, pair in […]

Morgan Freeman Sierra Club/Planitnow Storm Readiness: Green Video

Morgan Freeman joins with Sierra Club and PLAN!TNOW to talk about climate change and the need to get prepared for big storms and natural disasters in a PSA called “the School of Big Storms”. Our thoughts are with Mr. Freeman as he recovers from a terrible crash over the weekend. Get well soon!

Houston, We Have a Problem: Recycle This….Now!

This week The New York Times reported that out of the thirty largest cities in the U.S., Houston is the lamest (our term, not the NYT’s) when it comes to recycling. They recycle only 2.6% of their total waste compared to New York City, which recycles 34%, and San Francisco, which recycles a whopping 69% […]

Best Scarves on a Budget: Reader Advice

Wait a minute . . . scarves? Sounds a bit wintery, doesn’t it? But we’re not talking grandma-knitted wool mufflers here—we mean something more along the lines of oh, say, Grace Kelly and Jackie O. Scarves, in our humble opinion, are a great style note that can add a little personality to any outfit without […]

Decor on the Cheap:

The home and kitchen items at are always affordable and well-made, from brands that we trust. We’ve decided to share our Internet finds with you! Enjoy. The white curved night stand is elegant, simple and matches with loads of other bedroom sets. Made of beechwood, it’s now $49.99, down from $79.00. The Kenroy Home […]

Personal Finance Advice: Switch Banks

Do you ever find yourself wistfully daydreaming about switching your checking account to another bank? Do you figure that there must be a financial institution out there somewhere that doesn’t charge you ridiculous and costly fees all the time? Do you wonder if there might possibly be a bank or credit union somewhere that has […]