Tips for Consignment Store Shopping

Every budget fashionista is familiar with a fundamental fact associated with finding fierce clothes for as little money as possible: Consignment and secondhand stores can yield some great finds at great prices—you never really know what you’re going to find! One woman’s castoff is another woman’s couture, and if you’re really lucky you can find […]

Comfortable Shoes on a Budget

Dear Budget Fashionista: I’m a college student/public radio intern in beautiful San Francisco, and I’m on a very fixed budget. It’s getting colder in the bay area, and I need a pair of shoes that are suitable to wear at school and as an intern. Seen anything good this season? Thanks BF. Answer:  I’m all […]

Grandma’s China: Recycle This

The next time you break a beautiful piece of china, instead of bemoaning the loss of a sentimental and potentially expensive family heirloom, contact the people at The Broken Plate Pendant Company! They’ll take your prized possession, wipe away your tears, and turn it into a lovely piece of jewelry you will be proud to […]

Political Fashion Comes to Rain Boots, $19.99 at Target

We all agree that Mrs. O has amazing budget-friendly style and, well, Govenor Palin rocks awesome shoes. Now Target, who knows a moneymaker when they see it, are selling donkey (for Democrats) and elephant (for Republicans) patterned rainboots for $19.99. This is the perfect accessory (and a good price for rain boots) for those who […]

Best Beauty Finds for $3 or Less

Looking to replace some items in your make-up bag or just try something new without spending a bundle? Not a problem. We’ve compiled a list of beauty products that—at $3 or less—won’t bust your budget (no matter how tight!) or force you to sacrifice the quality you’d expect from a higher priced product. ~ Achieve […]

Sweater Dresses on a Budget

Dear Budget Fashionista:   I’m looking for an affordable sweater dress, preferably scoop or v-neck, and I can’t seem to find one anywhere! Any thoughts?   Answer: The Mossimo and Merona lines at Target have several VERY cute sweater dresses as for well under $30. You can also try Forever 21, which has sweater dresses […]

Apple Picking: Go Green

If you live in either a “too hot in the summer” or “brutal in the winter” climate (or both – hello NYC!) fall may be the only good stretch of time you have to get outdoors and take advantage of all those free activities nature provides. Over at Common Sense with Money (oh lordy, don’t […]

How to Avoid Bank Fees

You already know that you’re supposed to save money when you make purchases and you’re supposed to vehemently oppose any fees that financial institutions try to put on your account. If they want to charge you for talking to a customer service representative, you speak with a manager and get the fee waived. If they […]

The Under $70 Work Outfit

Okay, we’re not going to rehash how terrible the economy is right now—you’ve been thinking about that enough already. Instead, we’re just going to try to be positive—positive, that is, that you can get a great for-work look without spending a small fortune. This outfit, for example, comes in at under $70 and will have […]

Women’s Coats For Under $50

Summer dressing on an extreme budget is soooo much easier—breezy skirts, shorts, tank tops, sandals for less? It’s a no brainer. But now that it’s fall—and our budgets are getting tighter than we’d ever imagined—many of us are also in the position of having to suit up against the cold that’s to come. If you […]