Tin Can Cascading Glitter Lantern: DIY

The name we’ve given this project sounds terribly complicated and flashy, but the process is easy and rewarding. We first came across the project on Craftbits.com and decided to put our own sparkly spin on it. You can do it over and over again to create a veritable lantern garden in your bedroom or bathroom, […]

Carbon-Neutral Panties: Green Fashion

MAS Holdings in Sri Lanka has created the first custom-built eco-factory for manufacturing lingerie. You heard us correctly, eco panties. Thank goodness we can finally start wearing underwear again. Oops! Did we write that out loud? Most people think of manufacturing facilities overseas as sweat shops employing sad little children, not so with MAS Holdings. […]

Bartering: Recycle This

Like the days of yore, people are jumping on the bartering bandwagon to save money, resources and ultimately our fine planet. Whether you’re going big or looking to unload your iPod speakers in lieu of recycling them (and hoping to pick up a pair of Wolf Parade tickets in the process) Craigslist is the way […]

Accessories: What to Buy Fall 2008

Fall fashion trends are great and all, but if your bank account is running a little thin these days (and seriously, whose isn’t?) picking up a few accessory updates and calling it good might just be the way to go. This season, of course, has it’s own accessory trends, but they’re ever so easy to […]

More Green Schools Being Built: Eco News

Step by step, America is becoming greener. Citizens like us are making an effort to run a more eco-friendly home, while offices, companies and other places of business, like the Hearst Tower in New York City, use energy-conserving appliances, air conditioning, and heating units. Happily, schools are the next institution to turn green. Since 2000, […]

From China with Love: Go Green

The environment and China are locked in a symbiotic relationship, one we will all be involved in and be accountable for, to generations to come. The Olympics (way to go, Michael Phelps!) have highlighted something most people already know: the development of China in such a short period of time is having a profound effect […]