Glass Jars: Recycle This

Glass jars offer a great opportunity to recycle. Nothing excites us more than finishing a jar of jelly, a pint of pasta sauce, or a jar of salsa. When the jar is cleaned out, the fun is ready to begin! YEEHAW! Why the love of glass jars? Storage, of course. Why buy a piggy bank […]

Top Five Favorite Kathryn Quotes: The Budget Fashionista 5th Anniversary

The Budget Fashionista is gearing up to celebrate it’s fifth anniversary of dishing on how to look fabulous for less, and in honor of that momentus occasion (woo hoo!) we’ve picked our top five fave quotes from Kathryn herself. They’re little nuggets of wit and wisdom that, well, after five years, were really hard to […]

Flower Pot Picture Holder: DIY

After we completed this project, we stared at it admiringly for about 30 minutes before we tore ourselves away from it to, you know, live our lives. That’s how much we enjoyed it. We all love quirky ways to display our precious photographs – -the picture frame is a little boring, don’t you think? When […]

Loving Your Laundry: Go Green

We’ve touted the benefits of homemade cleaning supplies before and promoted new gizmos that cut down on your laundry carbon footprint. But Susie J gets a lot more pleasure out of her time in the laundry room than we ever have — and she thinks you will be a “laundry day is the best day […]

Personal Finance Advice: Are You Scaling Back Yet?

If you haven’t been tightening your financial belt lately amidst all the recent drama with the economy then there is probably one of two reasons: You’re independently wealthy. You haven’t been paying attention. Prices on gas, groceries, and other essentials have been creeping up steadily for a while now, which has most people paying more […]

High vs Low: The Boyfriend Cardigan

“SOME PRODUCTS ARE NO LONGER BEING SOLD” We’re suckers for soft luxe fabric—and the boyfriend cardigan looks sumptuous.When you want to be trendy but comfortable, the boyfriend cardigan is like a gift sent from sweater heaven this fall, and just for the record, we’ll be wearing it with camis, jeans, and a long necklace. Now, […]

Tin Can Cascading Glitter Lantern: DIY

The name we’ve given this project sounds terribly complicated and flashy, but the process is easy and rewarding. We first came across the project on and decided to put our own sparkly spin on it. You can do it over and over again to create a veritable lantern garden in your bedroom or bathroom, […]

Carbon-Neutral Panties: Green Fashion

MAS Holdings in Sri Lanka has created the first custom-built eco-factory for manufacturing lingerie. You heard us correctly, eco panties. Thank goodness we can finally start wearing underwear again. Oops! Did we write that out loud? Most people think of manufacturing facilities overseas as sweat shops employing sad little children, not so with MAS Holdings. […]

Bartering: Recycle This

Like the days of yore, people are jumping on the bartering bandwagon to save money, resources and ultimately our fine planet. Whether you’re going big or looking to unload your iPod speakers in lieu of recycling them (and hoping to pick up a pair of Wolf Parade tickets in the process) Craigslist is the way […]

Accessories: What to Buy Fall 2008

Fall fashion trends are great and all, but if your bank account is running a little thin these days (and seriously, whose isn’t?) picking up a few accessory updates and calling it good might just be the way to go. This season, of course, has it’s own accessory trends, but they’re ever so easy to […]