Presidential Green: Web round-Up

The Budget Ecoist links you to the best of the new administration eco buzz from around the web: This week marks a new presidential administration for our fair country, and it is an administration that environmentalists are welcoming and pinning high expectations to. In a nod to our new administration, we’ve gathered some of the […]

Confessions of a Shopaholic: Look for Less

In Confessions of a Shopaholic, Isla Fisher rocks this fab Morgane Le Fey black and white wool boucle coat—and now, we’re told, you can too, at 80% off retail. If, that is, you can make it to the Morgane Le Fey Madison Avenue store between now and January 30 (or bribe someone to go for […]

Uncle Sam is Coming for Online Shoppers…

Online shopping may not be carefree (read: sales tax free) for much longer. State governments are eyeballing bargain hunters, like you and me, who skip out on a sales tax by purchasing shoes, handbags, dresses, jeans, bracelets, and nearly everything else, on the Internet. Shoppers should report taxes on these items to the government

Obama Girls Go Budget in J.Crew

Our budget fashion love affair with the Obamas continues, as first daughters Malia and Sasha were decked out for the Inauguration ceremony in cute (though specially designed) J.Crew Crewcut coats. While the coats are “currently not available” according to an announcement on the J.Crew website, the “currently” makes us think that they won’t waste much […]

Michelle Obama Look for Less: The Inauguration Sheath

While many female politicos button up regularly in business-like suits, honorary budget fashionista Michelle Obama stands out for her penchant for fab dresses—particularly the sheath dress—which she’s taken from a throw-back to Jackie O., to a modern power-dressing statement. Of course we know that Mrs. O doesn’t always pay something akin to the gross national […]

OneWorld pairs up with Levi’s

OneWorld Apparel’s inspired and sophisticated tops have always been denim-friendly, and in fall 2009, you’ll see them on on the sales rack at your favorite department stores, right next to those Levi jeans. The new OneWorld/Levi’s line of tops will focus on petites, misses, and plus-size women, and give their denim counterparts a fashion-savvy, modern […]

Do Your Own Eco Manicure: Go Green

Manicures have always been a fun past time to partake in with our girlfriends. They’re not terribly expensive, and you can sit there chatting while your toes and nails are getting all prettied up! And then all that information about toxic ingredients, cancer-causing, birth defects…ugh. What’s a green girl to do when she wants to […]

Inaugural Ball Outfit for Under $100

When our invitation to the Inaugural Ball finally arrives, we’ll definitely need something stand-out fabulous to wear. Right—we know the invitation isn’t coming (an oversight we’ll forgive this one time) but if did get one, we’d pick something elegant in a rich color—after all, this is a celebration, right? We like this Maggy London gown […]

How to Shop Endless

If you ask any fashionista where their shopping weaknesses lie, you’ll probably get one of two answers—shoes, or handbags. Or both. Those two areas are also where, we’d argue, that are worth spending a little more on, in the name of investment. You can save a bunch by dressing head to ankle in Target, Forever21, […]