How to Shop Forever 21

Sure, you love Forever21 as much as the next fashion obsessed, financially stressed woman, but the store can be utterly overwhelming. If you’ve got time to spare, shopping in store at Forever 21 can be a blast- racks, stacks, hooks and shelves filled with new fashions. But, if you’re strapped for time and find yourself […]

Is Plus Size In?

What: Ms. Anna (Wintour), Vogue’s Editor in Chief,  is generating buzz throughout the fashion industry via her props of Grammy winner Adele’s plus size fashion sense. Some say a plus size fashionista on the cover of Vogue is in the works. From Nancy LeWinter,  “62% of all American women (18 or older) wearing a […] It’s Got Potential

If you’ve ever used before, you won’t have any trouble buying the philosophy of… the question is, will help you buy beauty and fashion products you like? The answer is probably not… for now. The budding site has a pretty straightforward model: register an account, submit products, and become fans of products […]

New Look for L’Oreal?

Drugstore beauty brand, L’Oreal, may start “introducing lower-priced items” to shoppers. In addition to implementing a hiring freeze and laying out a more innovative and aggressive business agenda, L’Oreal is in the process of separating itself from the mid priced market in order to do well in the coming years. And that could mean cheaper […]

Web Round-Up: Beyond The Rack, ASVOF on Jeremy Scott, Chainmail everywhere, new Anya Hindmarch Totes

Beyond The Rack is the newest private sale shopping club to hit the ‘net.  Use your shopping email to get on their waiting list for huge discounts on luxury items from Dior, Gucci , Laundry, and more. ASVOF (brainchild of herself, Diane Peret) is describing Jeremy Scott’s latest as a “mix of gutter-couture and diamond-in-the-rough […]

You’ve Got to Give to Get at Stein Mart

What: Clean out your closet and head to Stein Mart, where you’ll get 20% off a single-item purchase, just for donating gently-used clothing to the Salvation Army. Stein Mart’s annual Give & Receive event is happening March 5—7. What They Say:“The economic downturn has meant that people are keeping their gently used items longer so […]

Web Round-Up: Costume of the Day, the Seven by YSL, McQueen heels, 5 Always on Sale in Feb

Have you noticed that retailers seem to operate on an annual pattern when it comes to sales?  Apartment Therapy Chicago shares which 5 Things (are) Always on Sale in February. Master of mixing the most unique and outspoken wardrobe pieces, this street style maven (the Glamourai) proves that even gold, fur, studs and polka dots […]