Water-Powered Clocks: Go Green

In our green home, we’re always looking for small ways to reduce our energy consumption and electricity bills. We’re in love with Bedol’s water-powered clock. One less thing to plug in is always good, but these little fellows are so adorable that we’re going to buy them for our friends and family. And at 16 […]

Michelle Obama in H&M Dress

Credit: Bestfan While we try to be as politically neutral as possible here on TBF, we have to admit one of our favorite new blogs is Mrs. O, a blog that follows the stylish dressing of Michelle Obama. Not that we think Cindy McCain (we’ve featured her several times) is a slumpy dresser, we just […]

Algae is the New Fast Food Grease

Algae via Shutterstock Because ethanol is regarded as a less than perfect substitute for gasoline (and a terribly non-delicious form of corn), many scientists are researching new methods for reducing our dependence on oil and limiting the amount of farmland used to make fuel. The beauty — we thought–of ethanol is that it is produced […]

How to Make A Checkerboard Tray

Shouts of “king me!” will echo throughout your dwelling after you make this project. It’s a checkerboard. It’s a serving tray. It’s a breakfast-in-bed tray. Or, it’s all three simultaneously. While idly walking through our favorite crafts store, our eyes darted to a checkerboard stencil. In the very next aisle, we spotted a wooden tray, […]

Fashion Trend: Cross Body Purses

“THESE PRODUCTS ARE NO LONGER BEING SOLD” A friend of ours recently arrived to a party with a small, white leather bag with a long strap worn across her chest. Inspired by her off-the-beaten-path style, we set out to find these purses at our favorite shopping haunts. Since our friend is in love with fashion, […]

Go Green with Shea Terra Organics

When eco-friendly gals pamper themselves, they consider the products they use just as carefully as they peruse the day’s green news. That’s why we’re raving about Shea Terra Organics, a company that offers all natural face and bath products. The Budget Fashionista is giving away FIVE Shea Terra Organics gift sets. They include the Bourbon […]

How to Make Envelopes

If the envelopes on your thank you cards are cheery and unique, their recipients may forgive you for sending them months late. Okay, maybe we’re just trying to rationalize our personal faux pas. When we came upon a method for making homemade envelopes on craftbits.com , we were reminded of a neat seller The Budget […]

What to Buy Fall 2008: Wet Seal

Wet Seal—can’t we do something about that name? Okay, at least it tells us one thing—we don’t need to take the fashion we find here too seriously. It’s trendy, yes, but that’s the fun of it—pick up trend-of-the-minute pieces (this season, that means sweater dresses, shiny tops, and plaid and houndstooth) on the cheap, meaning […]