What Would You Do to Lose Weight Before Your Wedding?

Like most brides, the months before my wedding was filled with twice day spinning classes, personal trainers, and a diet consisting primarily of a strange lemonade mixture (Master Cleanse) and Chocolate Pretzel Snack Bars (Weight Watchers). I wasn’t a total Bridezilla, but I can see how a bride could go there (imagine being hungry for […]

Anna Dello Russo Accessories for H&M

Anna Dello Russo Accessories

So the latest guest designer for H&M is Anna Dello Russo, who is, in fact, not a designer at all — she’s the fashion editor-at-large for Vogue Japan. What this means to us: Well, first, fashion editors get to design stuff??? We’re getting a call into H&M as we speak. But second, and perhaps more […]

Simply Vera Vera Wang Bridal Jewelry Collection

Simply Vera Vera Wang

You’ve been dropping carefully orchestrated, subtle hints to your man for months (5 months, 22 days, and 5 hours, but who’s counting?), and you always make sure to “pass by” a certain jewelry store that rhymes with “Biffany” whenever you’re at the mall. Here’s another way to hint to your beau that you’re lusting for […]

The Brits are Coming: What You Should Know About the British Budget Fashion Invasion

The Brits Are Coming

There’s a British invasion happening on the budget fashion front. Led by Topshop (which is more “high” than “street” in the United States) and later by Forever 21-killer Asos.com, British high street (i.e., “mass market”) fashion is coming stateside, bringing on-trend styles at relatively affordable prices. British budget brands understand the need to have variety […]

True Confessions: I Was a Group Sales Addict

I Was a Group Sales Addict

True Confession: I’m a former group coupon addict who trolled various group buying sites to find great deals. For an embarrassingly long period of time, every mani-pedi, date-night dinner, walking tour and fitness class I participated in was paid for using a group coupon. This worked out well. My nails never looked better, until I […]

Spring Fashion 2012 Boot Camp: How To Mix Prints

How To Mix Prints

When I was a wee lad growing up in the heartland of fashion, Milwaukee, I would have strong debates with my dear mom about my morning sartorial choices. Like most 5-year-olds, I wanted to wear what I wanted to wear, rules of color and print coordination be damned. Fashion-forward ten, twenty, (okay, let’s just say […]