12 Summer Skirts for People Who Don’t Like Shorts

Cute Summer Skirts

We all know that summer is all about the dress, but what about the summer skirt? A cute summer skirt is just as easy to wear. Plus, you can transition it to fall (just add tights). And for those of us who aren’t big fans of shorts (personally, I DESPISE shorts, for no other reason […]

These Shoes Will Make Your Travel Experience A LOT Easier

Great Airport and Travel Shoes

We’ve heard a lot of airport horror stories. We’re talking long queues, frisking, grumpy folks and seemingly-endless luggage checks. In fact, we wouldn’t be too surprised if network execs are busy pitching a Man vs. Flight show right now. (Discovery Channel folks, in case you’re reading this, we’ve got first dibs on that title. Let’s […]

Fashion Advice: Dresses for Those Big on Top and Small on Bottom

Dresses for Those Big on Top and Small on Bottom

Dear Budget Fashionista, I need advice! I love dresses and my look is feminine classic (I’m an attorney and so have to be a tad conservative), with–I like to think–a touch of fashionista. My shoulders are broader than my narrow hips, I have a pretty large bust and not much of a waist. I usually […]

Make Way for The Budget Fashionista’s New and Revamped Facebook Page

TBF Facebook

With Facebook‘s “It-may-have-been-overpriced-and-overvalued-but-its-still-the-most-talked-about-stock” IPO and its recent acquisition of Instagram for a crazy amount of money normal folks will never know, there’s no question that Facebook persists to remain on top of the social world. With all the recent buzz, it only made sense to revisit The Budget Fashionista’s Facebook, and while it may not […]

10 Eco Friendly Ways to Use & Reuse Toothpaste & ToothBrushes


It’s amazing how many uses you can find for everyday products you already have lying around the house.  Today’s post covers toothpaste – it’s not just for sparkly whites anymore! We’ve collected the following uses for toothpaste based on research, testing them ourselves, and forcing our friends to test them. We take the fact that […]