Yea or Nay?: High-Low Skirts

High Low Skirts at Kohls

Normally, we’re not entirely comfortable with wearing skirts that remind us of David Bowie or Billy Ray Cyrus in one of their more questionable hair moments. But we’re more than happy to make an exception this time for mullet skirts, a cute moniker for one of this season’s most surprising (but very welcome) trends. High-low […]

Can’t Wear Heels? Then Check Out Kathryn’s Picks for Great Flats Under $40

Kathryn’s Picks for Great Flats Under $40

Zappos and its sister site, Endless, are my go-to stores for all things shoes. They do sell other things like handbags, socks and stuff like this, but I mostly shop there for shoes because I like to keep it simple. And, oh, I also have super-big feet (size 11–thanks Mom and Dad). Ever since I […]

Way Back When: ‘90s Talk Show Hosts

‘90s Talk Show Hosts

For those of us who can remember when Oprah first gained massive popularity in the ‘90s, it was also the time of a great influx of ‘90s talk show hosts. EVERYONE had a show, and I mean EVERYONE (even Robin Givens and Tempestt Bledsoe, aka Vanessa Huxtable). If you were a black woman, had vocal […]

5 Great Kicks for the Beach

Great Kicks for the Beach

Whether you’re on a romantic honeymoon on some exotic island or soaking up the sun on the crowded beaches of Florida and Cali, there’s one thing we can all agree on: there’s nothing like a beach vacay. While most stylistas worry about their swimsuits and cover-ups, a surprising few pay attention to their beach footwear. […]

11 Great Wedding Veils and Hair Pieces on a Budget

Great Wedding Veils and Hair Pieces on a Budget

Tasha Flower Fascinator Headband, $48 from Nordstrom Fashion History: The wedding veil was invented in the 19th century as a way to convey the bride’s modesty and virginity. Let’s take a moment to absorb that… A lot has changed in the past 200 years. We’re all friends here, so we can be honest with each […]

ShopSmart Reveals the Most Common Tricky Ad Claims–and How to Avoid Them

Reading Ads Fineprint

Shutterstock As the saying goes, promise (and large promise, at that) is the soul of advertising. Unfortunately, advertisers get to pay for their houses and cars because they sell things well, not because they can keep their promises. The July 2012 copy of Shopsmart magazine reminds us of this with their timely article that exposes […]

For Those of Us Who Love a Good Handbag…

For Those of Us Who Love a Good Handbag

Right now, the word “budget” has a new meaning for many of us, in light of the current state of the economy. That doesn’t stop the fashion world, however, from dangling new handbag trends (among others) tantalizingly in front of us. A handbag, of course, is something we might normally suggest you could invest a little […]