Because Free Doesn’t Always Mean Cheap: Kiplinger’s Awesome Fabulous Freebies 2012 List Is Now Available


As Jessie J asserts about twenty thousand times in her impossibly addictive song, it’s really not about the money (took us one heck of an effort not to burst out singing that line!). Not everything fab has to come with a price tag, and this is proven by Kiplinger‘s uber-nifty Fabulous Freebies list, which came […]

Introducing the New TBF Community!!

TBF Community

Ask us anything. Literally. The Budget Fashionista, friends, is going communal! Sure, we try our best to address all your burning fashion questions through our articles, but there are times when you just need answers, thoughts, opinions ASAP. This is why we’re unveiling our newly-established forum section. Or the “Ask” tab on the navigation bar. […]

Best Way to Spend Your $5 Today: Labor Day Deals at H&M

H&M Labor Day Deals

Last we’ve checked, there is no shortage of Labor Day deals from both online and brick-and-mortar retailers. Savvy budget fashionistas, however, know better than to splurge on the first sale they spot. (Remember what our grade school teachers would always tell us? Quality over quantity.) But $5 for H&M stuff? This doesn’t need zen-like contemplation […]

Save the Date: Fashion’s Night Out 2012

Fashion's Night Out

Photo Credit: Norman Jean Roy Mark your calendars, fashionistas! On September 6th, more than 500 cities nationwide will party away on a one-night-only affair that brings together the best and the finest in the world of fashion, celebrity, music, and glamor. Now on its fourth year, Fashion’s Night Out continues to celebrate and support the […]

What Do You Think About Vera Bradley Bags?

Vera Bradley Bags

Vera Bradley Little Mandy, $50.99 from Zappos Head to your local suburban mall on any given day and there are a few things you’re guaranteed to see: 1) A sea of minivans 2) Kiosks selling cheap jewelry 3) Tons of Vera Bradley totes. For those of you not acquainted with the Vera Bradley tote bags, […]