Beauty Fool No More: Top Beauty Myths Debunked

Beauty Myths

In the spirit of April 1st, we are sharing an interesting infographic about the top beauty myths that may have fooled some of us once or twice (okay, more than twice in my case). From commonplace nuggets like “Find harshest possible lighting to apply foundation” to head-scratchers such as “For every gray hair plucked, two […]

Vera Wang Backs Down from $500 Anti-Knockoffs “Appointment Fee” After Local and Global Backlash

Vera Wang

What: In case you haven’t heard this week, Vera Wang has opened a Shanghai bridal boutique in January to house her globally-revered bridal couture creations. Which typically wouldn’t be such a huge point of interest for normal folks who aren’t celebrity brides, except that the shop was charging 3,000 yuan ($480) for customers to have […]

Kate Young for Target Coming on April 14th: Here’s the Look Book

Kate Young Target

Kate Young, former Vogue-ista and the rockstar stylist behind the enviable elan of Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams, and Rachel Weisz, has collaborated with Target for a limited edition mass-market collection of apparel and accessories come April 14th. The focal point of the exclusive line will feature an assortment of special occasion dresses for both day […]

How to Find Your Natural Waist

natural waist

My grandma Doonie has been a seamstress for over 70 years. Every time I go home to Minneapolis, she drops little pearls of fashion/garment/shopping related wisdom. On a recent trip home, Doonie gave me these simple instructions on finding your natural waist. Most people think they’re natural waist is the mid point of their torso, […]

Minka Kelly, Jamie Chung, and Gabrielle Douglas Among the Hot Ladies to Headline This Year’s The Heart Truth® Red Dress Collection Fashion Show

The Heart Truth Fashion Show

As most of our avid TBF readers know, I’ve always been a staunch advocate of our women’s heart health. My grandmother, Anna Mae Finney, suffered from heart disease and this has had a deep impact on how I think about my own health. Plus, I’m a fashionista, and I love a great fashion show. And […]

Sponsored Campaign: TBF Joins Diet Coke, NHLBI in the #ShowYourHeart: The Heart Truth® Campaign 2013

End of Show

As I write this, there are 42.7 million women across the nation dealing with some form of heart disease. Of this number, at least one woman– a mom, a loving partner, a daughter, a friend, a terrific employee– dies every minute. In my case, the face of these statistics is my own grandmother.

Check Out the Designers to Look Out For in the jcp Spring 2013 Collection

JCP Spring 2013

Defying doomsday reports from financial analysts and its recent troubled holiday sales, jcp has unveiled its roster of new fashion partners for Spring 2013. Calculated retail optimism or last-ditch effort to save the store? Time will tell. (We’re rooting for a Rocky-ish comeback, though. You can do it, jcp!) In any case, check out after […]

Summer at The Hamptons? The Banana Republic Milly Collection Makes That Doable (To Some Extent)


We at TBF have a dream. We dream of world peace, the continued growth of the budget fashion industry, and a nice cup of Nutella latte that doesn’t result to a 10-pound weight gain overnight after two measly cups. Having a postal address at The Hamptons would be kind of nice, too, but we’re sure […]

White House | Black Market Reveals Its Inauguration-Inspired Fashion Collection for Non-First Ladies of the Land

White House Black Market Michelle Obama Inaugural Dress 2013

“What will Michelle Obama wear?” Some folks complain it’s a sign of times when people seem to care more about what the First Lady will wear than what her husband has to say to the nation during the day of his inauguration. But then again, we can’t blame the world’s fascination for the FLOTUS. Michelle […]