Hang Out at the 21st Street, Forever 21’s Newest Fashion Experience

Forever 21 21st Street

June 18th was National Splurge Day, and in the spirit of the day, one of our favorite budget fashion shops ever, Forever 21, went all out as it launched the 21st Street. Dubbed as the “one-stop fashion source that encapsulates inspiration, street style and shopping”, this exciting new social platform of the Forever 21 brand […]

Best Budget Spray Tanner?

Question: What’s the Best Budget Spray Tanner? Remember that time you got all spray tanned up before an impromptu party, ended up an ugly orange, and had to take a panicked shower with baking soda? Self tanners are an awesome alternative to painful sunburns, peeling (yuck), and scary skin cancer, but they can also be […]

$4 Undies and More at the Forever 21 Semi-Annual Lingerie and Beauty Sale

Forever 21 Lingerie

Did you know that women nowadays own up to thirty-four pieces of underwear–or as much as three times than what we used to own circa the 90s? Researchers call it the “50 Shades of Grey” effect (which is both amusing and horrifying to me), but beneath the kinky lit brouhaha, it does make sense.

Where to Find Plus Size Tights

plus size tights

Dear Budget Fashionista: Hi! I’ve just started getting into “fashion” hose and tights in order to liven up my boring lawyer wardrobe. However, I have a few problems. First, I am plus size. Second, I live in a pretty un-trendy town, and I was wondering if you could suggest some online retailers for this type […]

3 Money-Saving Tips to Look F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S at Work

Increase Income

Today’s guest post is by Charisse Conanan of Smarteys.com. I know — “money-saving tips” and “looking F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S” are terms that might appear to be at odds with each other. But, keep reading and you’ll realize that these terms go hand-in-hand, especially for those looking to impress their colleagues.