5 Must-Try Fall Hairstyles This Year

fall hairstyles

Fall of 2013 hair trends are all about simple, clean, and chic. No matter what look, texture, or length, here are five ways to get the trendy looks of the season. Great for a day running errands, weekend brunch, a day at work or a night on the town, each look goes well with jeans […]

How to Dress Down Your Banana and JCrews

Casual dressing

Editor’s Note: One of our TBF readers, M.H., asks: I’m a twenty-something who worked for the past two-years in a job that required daily fairly strict business attire . Now I am in a job where the wardrobe requirements barely exist but I still own and paid for high quality business clothes (Banana, JCrew, etc.) […]

Wear-Again Wedding Attire for Any Season


There’s always a whole lot of love at a wedding, but I’ve always found it difficult to love buying and wearing one-time wedding attire. So, in the midst of summer wedding season, instead of buying multiple one-time wears, I made a pact to seek out dresses that I could wear again. And not just to […]

Too Much Sun? Try These 5 Sunburn Home Remedies


As a fan of everything summer, it’s not uncommon that I’ll overindulge. As we all know, the most difficult rebound is to come back from a day in the sun. Everything available always seems to be pre-sun (sunscreen) or post-burn (aloe) and only available over the counter. Being a thrifty gal, this summer I decided […]