Plaid and Leather: Why We Love This Look


Shirts, jackets, skirts, pants… simply, the Plaid + Leather look is all the rage. I think it’s the combination of “bad boy/girl” meets “Sweet Country” – or all those images of attractive men next to kittens – basically, it’s the whole yin-and-yang thing. No matter how you mesh it, it’s totally hot. Here are our favorite […]

How-To: Rent Fabulous Party Outfits

Party outfit

As the part invites start to stack up and you’re like me and you don’t like to break budget, the only number you really care about is the number of outfits you’ll need to come up with before the new year. Luckily, I’ve planned in advance. Here’s my list of sites where you can rent dresses, shoes, […]

Winter Fashion: How-To Layer Without Looking Like a Marshmallow


The snow, wind, and rain is here which means it’s time to dress warmly — but for a winter novice like myself, I’ve recently realized that I don’t quite know how to properly layer without looking like a marshmallow. My instinct is always to pile a coat, sweater, and a long-sleeve on top of a […]

Removing Stains: A Handy Guide for the Holidays

clothes stain

Between Thanksgiving and New Years, there are plenty of opportunities to spill, dribble, splash, and stain your clothes. Instead of tossing the garment and aside from carrying a Tide pen at all times, here is how you can get those pesky blemishes out of your wearables without rendering them rags.

Gifts for Everyone: Must-Know Websites this Season!

Christmas Shopping

Last-minute shoppers unite! As a last-minute online shopper who has realized that they key is to have must-know sites on-hand that celebrate last-minute shoppers (instead of denying them), my holiday present to you is a list of go-to websites for last minute holiday shopping. This list has something for everyone on your list, so shop […]

Try This Free 30-Minute Holiday Workout Routine

Women Workout

Despite being a firm believer that being “too busy” is an excuse, not a fact, there’s nothing like the holiday season to put priorities to the test. Luckily, I also know that no matter how many presents need to be wrapped, outfits matched, and sweet goodies baked and bagged, there will always be 30 minutes […]