Tired of the Chocolates and Roses Route? Try These 5 Affordable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For a Change

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Chocolate. Roses. Cards. Balloons. If you’ve been out to dinner on Valentine’s Day, you know what I mean – somewhere along the line, Valentine’s day has become a fog of Cupid’s cliche. Aside from worsting my favorite restaurants with pre-fixed menus and over-booked tables, I’ve decided that there is no real way to “win” at […]

5 Super Easy DIY Beauty Products That Simply Work

Face Mask

We pay for face masks, hair-straightening, body scrub, and more.  Why not save your well-earned dollars and do it yourself?  It only takes a few minutes, and you’ll be surprised at how simple face, skin, eye, and hair remedies actually are.  Gone are the days of paying $15 for a special hair conditioner full of […]

Still Keeping Coupons in Your Wallets? Leave ‘Em to the 2000 and Late Era and Try Unclipt


What: Unclipt is a website and an iPhone app that lets you find, track, save, and organize promotions and sale items by store, brand or interest.  The iPhone app lets you take your lists with you wherever you go, which means that your days of clipping coupons, e-mailing yourself sales dates, and online sale shopping five websites […]

How to Wear Plus Size Leggings (Without Looking Ridiculous)

plus size

It’s an ever-lasting debate for women of all shapes and sizes: How Do I Wear Leggings Without Looking Ridiculous? Luckily, it’s really quite simple, and the best tips for wearing leggings work for women from petite to plus.How to Wear Plus Size Leggings Stylishly 1. Fabric: The number ONE tip for wearing leggings is “make […]

This 2013, We’re Lovin’: The Statement Sunglasses Trend


Some seasons we get lucky and our accessories get to stand out at as a fashion statement itself instead of just blends and accents.  Spring 2013 – this is our season.  Previewing the Spring line, we’re thrilled to see that catchy sunglasses are the “in” look. As you start to shop for a new pair […]

Get Jessica Alba-Fit After Baby & the Holidays: 3 Celebrity Weight Loss Tips for Less


Whether it’s because of a real baby or a holiday food baby, many of us have resolutions to lose weight and get bikini-bod ready for 2013.  Recently unveiling her fit and toned physique just months after having having daughter number two, Jessica Alba has a look that is envy of many mothers (and non-mothers) alike. […]

True Confession: I Love Shopping After the Holidays


Sometimes, I contradict myself.  After over a month of shopping for holiday presents, food, clothes, gifts, and decorations, for months in to the new year I will cringe at the thought of ever shopping again.  Haven’t I spent enough money? However, I’m also a firm believer that there is always one exception to every rule – […]

Dreaming of Your Own Shopping PA? Then Check out Shop It to Me

Shop It To Me

What: As we’re all familiar with the blessings that the internet brings to doing anything efficiently, one of my favorites is the world of personalized online shopping. Shop It to Me is one of those sites – here, you can sign up for e-mail notifications for when your favorite pieces go on sale, are available […]

I Shop the Day Before Christmas – And I Love It! The Lowdown on Christmas Eve Shopping

Holiday Shopping

My habit of Christmas Eve shopping for presents began just as you can imagine why: procrastination, uncertainty, and “things to do.”  At first, my excuses seemed sound- I was living across the country and wanted to shop when I was at home so I wouldn’t have to pack the gifts or I was traveling for work so I […]