What to Wear to An Evening Wedding

Wedding Guest Dresses

As someone who has yet to plan a wedding for herself, I’ll be quick to admit that an evening wedding sounds rather lovely. Perhaps it’s indoors and winter, or outdoors during the summer and right at the cusp of sunset. No matter how you plan it, the 6pm wedding (from a bride’s perspective) sounds very […]

Tired of the Chocolates and Roses Route? Try These 5 Affordable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For a Change

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Chocolate. Roses. Cards. Balloons. If you’ve been out to dinner on Valentine’s Day, you know what I mean – somewhere along the line, Valentine’s day has become a fog of Cupid’s cliche. Aside from worsting my favorite restaurants with pre-fixed menus and over-booked tables, I’ve decided that there is no real way to “win” at […]

5 Winter Sales You Can Wear All Year


Many of our favorite stores are now putting their winter collections on sale. But just because it’s on sale (or a “winter item“) doesn’t mean that you can’t wear it year round. Here are my five favorite stores currently on sale with versatile items that you can wear any time of year.

5 Super Easy DIY Beauty Products That Simply Work

Face Mask

We pay for face masks, hair-straightening, body scrub, and more.  Why not save your well-earned dollars and do it yourself?  It only takes a few minutes, and you’ll be surprised at how simple face, skin, eye, and hair remedies actually are.  Gone are the days of paying $15 for a special hair conditioner full of […]

Still Keeping Coupons in Your Wallets? Leave ‘Em to the 2000 and Late Era and Try Unclipt


What: Unclipt is a website and an iPhone app that lets you find, track, save, and organize promotions and sale items by store, brand or interest.  The iPhone app lets you take your lists with you wherever you go, which means that your days of clipping coupons, e-mailing yourself sales dates, and online sale shopping five websites […]

5 Fashion New Year’s Resolutions for 2013


It’s the first few weeks of January, otherwise known as Resolution Season in most households, and if I had to wage a bet, I’d say Save More Money is high up on the list.  However, it’s also that time of year when our wardrobes are just about to switch closets and really, while I want […]