Perdy A.

Perdy A.

Perdy started shopping at young age. Unfortunately, it was 1992 and it is safe to say she has not fully recovered from some of the horrifying outfits that found her matching her sweater to her belt, her belt to her headband, and her headband to her socks. Thankfully those days are long over and she is a very proud survivor of 365 Fashion Rehab – a project she entered into somewhat unwillingly, created by her and childhood best friend Ali Dunn - that forced her to put her credit card(s) on ice for a full year; no clothes, no makeup, no accessories (yes, you read that right). Perdy is thrilled to be working with The Budget Fashionista herself, Kathryn Finney, and proud to be TBF's Fashionista-on-the-Ground from the fashion capitol of the world: Paris! Now, if only she could find a mint vintage LV bucket bag for under $100…

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