Taylor Swift Style Deconstructed

Taylor Swift Style

Taylor Swift has been through quite a lot in a short time. She is already an accomplished guitar player and singer-songwriter, she has won multitudes of awards and has many mettled albums (gold, platinum, etc…), and  she graced the cover of Vogue (a.k.a. the fashion bible) looking undeniably gorgeous. A current resident of Nashville, Tennessee, […]

Celebrity Style Deconstructed – Kate Moss

Kate Moss Style

It’s possible there may be no greater or better-known modern day fashion icon than Kate Moss. There are tens of thousands of pictures of her on the internet, between the covers of coffee table books and hanging in art galleries and museums all over the world confirming her style royalty status. Whether it’s that first […]

Pantone’s Fall Fashion Color Trends for 2012

These are the “it” colors for fall, according to the fashion color report from Pantone. Thankfully, there are some carry-overs from spring, particularly tangerine and with a palette filled with so much, well, color we think saying ta-ta to summer will hopefully be a lot easier. Yes, we know! How could you even think of […]

10 Great Fashion Films (Plus 1 for Good Measure!)

One of our greatest pleasures in life is fashion (obviously). The innovations, inspirations, intricate creations of fashion designers..we love it all. Another amour? Great cinema! We love being transported to another time, another world or just someone else’s life for a few hours. So, (and we can bet you know where we’re going with this, […]