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In a world where we seemingly compete to see who can pack the most into each day, any gadget, gizmo, or service that can save us a few extra minutes—not to mention a few extra dollars—is a godsend. And wants to add its name to Mount Olympus. Instead of having you obsessively check your favorite […]

10 Statement Home Pieces on a Budget

Bronze Owl Lamp

If you put a lot of thought into the clothes you don every day, chances are that fashion feed has trickled over into your abode. And why shouldn’t it? Your home says a lot about you. It’s a telltale sign to guests whether you’re an Oscar or a Felix, whether you’re an ecru kind of gal or […]

From Snobby Bitch to Sexy Babe—Style Icon: Kelly Taylor

Kelly Taylor

In 1990, she was the pretty, blonde rich b*tch from Beverly Hillswith a serious case of stiff ’90s hair; matte, pouty lips and an icy glare that could readily shatter anyone who might get in her way. But by 2000, the blonde hair was softer, the eyes less evil and her lipstick four shades lighter. […]

Get the Conversation Rolling: 25 Statement Necklaces for Under $25

Statement Necklaces Under $25

When putting together an outfit for the day, sometimes you can’t help but feel that it all just looks a little…blah. Enter the statement necklace, that piece that ties everything together, gives pop where there was flop and draws an admiring eye. Whether you choose to go for the long and dramatic strands or prefer […]

Whatever Happened to Contempo Casuals? A Brief History

Contempo Casuals

The recent revival of padded shoulders, retina-burning neon hues and palazzo pants as “fashionable” have sparked nostalgia for those halcyon days of the big-haired ‘80s. But as much fun as leg warmers…aren’t, the truth is, there can never be a full revitalization of ‘80s style, since one of the era’s biggest icons has gone the […]