10 Great Gift Ideas Under $50

The holidays can become pretty hectic when it comes to shopping. With stores putting forward their newest and shiniest merchandise, the question is where to look for presents when it comes to your loved ones. Luckily, we’ve scoured the world wide web for snazzy gifts under $50, whether it’s for your lovely Grandma Rose, your […]

Another Kardashian Scandal?

Uh-Oh.  It seems like Kimmie K and the Kardashian crew are under scrutiny again.  (Um, yeah, like we’re surprised.)  Yet, this time, it’s not about douchey boyfriends or quickie marriages. According to TMZ, ShoeDazzle , the company behind the K sisters’ shoe line, is being accused of using child labor in their Chinese factories.  ShoeDazzle’s […]

10 Great Gifts Under $10

It’s the holiday season, and you’re making your own version of who’s been naughty and nice gift list this year, and between your sorority sisters, your cousin Ethel twice removed, your four sisters and their husbands and kids, you’ve got quite a list of to-buys. Unless you’re Warren Buffett, we’re guessing the holidays mean you’re […]

H&M’s Creepy Fake Models?

Ay Caramba!  Talk about a creepy case of Big Brother with WAY too much Photoshop skills. For those with a keen eye, have you thought that H&M’s models are looking a bit clone-like these days?  Well, you’re on the right track because the models bodies are created on the computer, and the individual model faces […]

How to Shop Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday may be the greatest digital invention since the Internet itself.  I mean, a day when you can nab ridiculous deals with the click of a mouse while you’re watching Sex and the City reruns in your PJs?  Yet, the convenience of Cyber Monday is what makes it oh-so-wonderful, but also borderline dangerous.  Yes, […]

4 More Black Friday Shopping Tips

As much as we love to circulate horror stories about Black Friday, there’s also something irresistible about it.  Sure, waking up super early and rummaging through unorganized racks of stuff is no walk in the park, but if done properly, you could score some sweet deals.  Here are some tips to give you the edge […]

Black Friday Hype?

We’ve heard the horror stories, and maybe contributed to them as well.  The stampede of shoppers at 5am.  Waiting in line in the blistering cold to get IN the store.  Black Friday has a bit of a rep.  Yet, according to an article on Adweek, the stories may be a bit hyped up too. According […]