Post-MTV Movie Awards: The Superlative Edition

Let’s face it. The MTV Movie Awards isn’t exactly the Oscars. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 1 is Movie of the friggin’ Year? First of all, no respectable movie with “Part 1″ in the title should win Movie of the Year. Secondly, sure, we enjoy ogling at Taylor Lautner’s 6, scratch that, 8 pack […]

The Most “Likeable” Wedding Dress Ever: Priscilla Chan’s Wedding Dress on a Budget

Priscilla Chan's Wedding Dress on a Budget

Credit: Grazia Daily “Like” this. Kate Middleton’s wedding dress has officially been digitally dethroned. Actual royalty? Bah. So 2011. In our society of friending/tweeting/pinning/instagramming/etc, “social” status is currency. Literally. You know, with Facebook’s crazy, larger-than-Google IPO. This leads us to conclude that the British monarchs got nothing on Facebook’s new first lady, Ms. Priscilla Chan. […]

Kate Middleton: Duchess of Cambridge and Style

Kate Middleton

Perhaps it’s America’s lack of a royal family, or maybe it’s that dreamy British accent, but we’ve been fascinated, borderline obsessed with the UK royal family since… well, forever. Sure, they make juicy tabloid fodder that keeps the Enquirer in business (Clandestine affair, crazy hats… What more could a gal ask for in her daily […]

Picture This: 5 Fashion Brands Worth Following on Instagram


They say (and by “they,” we’re not sure who–maybe the gods of cliché?) a picture is worth a thousand words. Yeah, maybe back in 1999. In today’s world of tweeting/pinning/friending/poking/checking in/etc., it’s actually worth a billion. Unless you’re socially comatose, you’ve probably read ad nauseum about the insane price tag Facebook paid to acquire Instagram. […]

Closet (Neat) Freak: 7 Things to Throw Away In Your Closet

Ah, spring! It’s the season equated with the mythical cleansing of your closet more commonly known as spring cleaning. In terms of the holy spectrum of cleanliness, most of us fall somewhere between Mr. Clean, the avuncular bald dude who dares to wear the white shirt that’s two sizes too small, and a contestant from […]

KamaliKulture from Norma Kamali

Before designer collabs with budget retailers went buck wild and mainstream trendy, Norma Kamali was somewhat ahead of her time. With her multiple lines for Walmart, Nordstrom’s, and Ebay, Norma’s no stranger to the budget scene, and she’s expanding her frugal reach, dear friends and family!

Worst-Dressed at the Academy Awards

We love ooh-ing and ahh-ing at all the fabulous ladies walking the Red Carpet, but critiquing celebrity fashion? It’s also a tough, tough job. Yup, that’s right. It’s tough sipping on homemade cocktails and channeling our best Joan Rivers (Minus the gratuitous botox.) at the Academy Awards. Kidding aside, it does pain us to put […]

Best-Dressed at the Academy Awards

When it comes to cinema, there’s one day that celebrates the pinnacle of aesthetic accomplishment. Translation? The Academy Awards, affectionately known as the Oscars, are pretty much the Super Bowl of the movies. Yet, besides vying for titles like “Best Actress” and “Best Supporting Actor,” there’s another element of fierce competition. The red carpet, of […]

Oxygen’s New Show Thrift Wars

Image source: Flickr Creative Commons 72 day marriages.  Extreme couponers.  Hoarders.  And tons of people who are famous for… well, we’re still trying to figure that one out.  We’ve seen it all when it comes to reality tv’s gamut of crazy/weird/etc, and it looks like we’re adding another show to the ever-expanding list.  Oxygen’s Thrift Wars […]