Picture This: 5 Fashion Brands Worth Following on Instagram


They say (and by “they,” we’re not sure who–maybe the gods of cliché?) a picture is worth a thousand words. Yeah, maybe back in 1999. In today’s world of tweeting/pinning/friending/poking/checking in/etc., it’s actually worth a billion. Unless you’re socially comatose, you’ve probably read ad nauseum about the insane price tag Facebook paid to acquire Instagram. […]

Closet (Neat) Freak: 7 Things to Throw Away In Your Closet

Ah, spring! It’s the season equated with the mythical cleansing of your closet more commonly known as spring cleaning. In terms of the holy spectrum of cleanliness, most of us fall somewhere between Mr. Clean, the avuncular bald dude who dares to wear the white shirt that’s two sizes too small, and a contestant from […]

Reese’s Fashionable Pieces: How to Dress like Ms. Witherspoon

Credit: Eamonn McCormack/Wireimage Ever since she strut the hallways of Harvard Law School decked out in top to bottom pink, Reese Witherspoon pretty much secured her place among Hollywood’s pantheon of American sweethearts. (Hi Julia and Jen Aniston!) Reese has come a long way from her days of racy teen dramas (Admit it. You loved […]

Best-Dressed at the Academy Awards

When it comes to cinema, there’s one day that celebrates the pinnacle of aesthetic accomplishment. Translation? The Academy Awards, affectionately known as the Oscars, are pretty much the Super Bowl of the movies. Yet, besides vying for titles like “Best Actress” and “Best Supporting Actor,” there’s another element of fierce competition. The red carpet, of […]

Oxygen’s New Show Thrift Wars

Image source: Flickr Creative Commons 72 day marriages.  Extreme couponers.  Hoarders.  And tons of people who are famous for… well, we’re still trying to figure that one out.  We’ve seen it all when it comes to reality tv’s gamut of crazy/weird/etc, and it looks like we’re adding another show to the ever-expanding list.  Oxygen’s Thrift Wars […]

How to Put Together a Last Minute V-day Outfit

Despite the fact that February 14th is conspicuously circled in an ostentatious pink on your calendar (Yep, a subtle hint for the special friend in your life), between 6am yoga, your job, novel writing classes, and your second job, somehow Valentine’s Day has crept its way up.  Grand plans to put together a show-stopping Valentine’s Day […]

7 Tips for Thrift Store Shopping

Image source: Flickr Creative Commons Outlet malls, end-of-season sales, and the good ole clearance rack are all fine and dandy, but for a REALLY amazing bargain, you can’t beat thrift stores. Now, unless you’re a seasoned pro who has meandered through the aisles of Goodwill and Salvation Army to find that barely used Theory skirt […]

Michelle Obama Wears Ann Taylor Coat

image source: Mrs. O Political discourse has never been so engaging, and by that, we mean dialogue about “current events” like what is Michelle O wearing right now.  Sure, she’s not the only political lady that rocks a mean sense of style, and there have been plenty before her who have played the style card beautifully. […]

Prabal Gurung Designs Sephora Cast Costumes

It’s pretty much a given that Sephora’s Beauty Advis0rs are cutting edge and ridiculously trendy when it comes to the makeup department, but now, they’re getting a makeover in the wardrobe department.  CFDA award winning fashion designer Prabal Gurung designed new “cast costumes” for the Sephora Beauty Advisors in North America.  The new uniforms maintain […]