Sponsored Post – Deconstructing First Date Outfits: What Your Attire Reveals

Dinner Date

After weeks of flirtatious emailing in real time and one (or two or three) drunken texts at ungodly hours, you’re taking the plunge with Mr. Looks-Like-Channing-Tatum’s-Brother-Minus-The-Thick-Neck.  He had you at “Hello” when he messaged you on a dating site.  Okay.  The uber cute profile pic, and the fact that he also hates the Yankees didn’t […]

Sponsored Post: 5 Stylish Ways to Approach Holiday Get-Togethers

Kmart Collage

‘Tis the season of obligatory office holiday parties and family reunions that most probably include Uncle Elliot and his one too many glasses of Pinot Noir.  Between spilled cups of eggnog and your chatty colleague Betsey’s water cooler gossip of Brad from accounting and Jenny the receptionist’s clandestine affair, it can be a jungle out […]

Stocking Stuffers that Scream Spectacular

Stocking Stuffers

Perhaps your mom is a dentist, and you appreciate dental floss and mini-mouthwashes with fluoride. Or perhaps your mom isn’t a dentist, and you appreciate drugstore brand candy that looks Christmas-y but tastes eerily familiar to cough medicine. We get it. Stocking stuffers = conceptually cute, but usually sucky in reality. We’re changing that this holiday […]

Sponsored Post: 5 Awesome Tips for Getting Red Carpet Ready

Red Carpet Beauty Tips

So, most of us won’t be strutting the red carpet alongside Ryan Seacrest and his fab coif, playing the “which-ex-is-the-song-about” guessing game with our favorite country glam star T.Swift. We may not even be on the A list (or B, or C list for that matter) of Vanity Fair’s hot soirees, but even us mere […]

6 Degrees of Annoying: Black Friday Shoppers To Watch Out For

Black Friday

Is anyone else somewhat confused by American traditions that take place over Thanksgiving weekend? Maybe you come from a family of Lululemon-wearing, bikram yoga-practicing, vegan and we-only-eat-homegrown-organic-veggies hippies (No offense to Lululemon-wearing, bikram yoga-practicing, vegan and we-only-eat-homegrown-organic-veggies families!). For the majority of us, on Thanksgiving, we partake in some serious calorie gorging. Mashed potatoes and […]

Mrs. O’s Convention Dress: Custom Made for her, Purchase-Ready for Masses

Michelle Obama DNC 2012 Dress

It’s always a wild guessing game days leading up to a big event. What will Mrs. O don, especially when it’s a political runway up to the podium at the Democratic National Convention? Perhaps an up and coming unknown whose career she’ll most definitely catapult? (Hi Jason Wu!) A budget-friendly brand accessible to everyday Jane’s? […]

Wedding Registries Gone Original: Introducing Etsy’s Registry

Etsy Wedding Registry

Congrats! You’re engaged, and more importantly, you’ve crossed off a slew of Important Wedding To-Do’s (Yes, capitalization-worthy tasks) off your planning list. Wedding dress. Check. Bridesmaids dresses that won’t leave your besties seething behind your back. Check. Dream venue that’s financially doable. Check. And now comes the registry. Ah, the ingenious little invention that gently […]