What to Buy in November

What to Buy November

It’s the penultimate month of the year, home to way too many servings of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving and way too many half-off sweaters during Black Friday sales.  Needless to say, it’s a good month, and according to DealNews, it’s one of the happiest months for budget-conscious shoppers.  Hoorah!  Here’s what to keep an eye out […]

Women + Men: Equally High Maintenance

Woman Applying Makeup

Image via: Shutterstock We all know that woman.  The one who takes a small eternity to get ready.  The old sorority sister with marathon makeup sessions before a big date.  Your current roommate who budgets an hour before work to shower, prep her skin, etc, etc. But get this.  Most women aren’t that bad.  In fact, most […]

Rent the Runway 2.0: Plus-Size Division Launched

Rent the Runway

It’s about friggin’ time! Rent the Runway has launched a plus-size division, meaning stylish chicas can now rent dresses ranging from sizes 14-22.  Historically, the high end fashion industry hasn’t exactly been accommodating of the everyday woman, forgetting that the majority of us don’t fit into model sizes with the average American woman wearing a size […]

Peter Pilotto for Target

Peter Pilotto for Target

Since that fateful day when Missoni crashed Target’s humble servers and a pair of rubber rainboots was listed for $31,000 on eBay, we knew the designer stampede was coming.  Following in the footsteps of Phillip Lim and Jason Wu, British designer Peter Pilotto is going mass market.  Target just announced that he is the next […]

What Women Would Do For Youth

Beauty Mask

You spend your earlier years piling on the dark eye makeup in hopes of looking every bit of 21 on your “ID” picture as “Jane Smith.”  So, it’s funny how once you reach the ripe old age of your 21st birthday, you’re suddenly told “it’s all downhill.”

How to Dress Like Kate Middleton on a Budget!

Kate Middleton Issa Dress

Five words. Issa London’s Banana Republic Collection. Who can forget that impeccable royal blue that perfectly matched her gorgeous engagement ring?  It was THE dress that had the fashion world asking, “Kate Moss who?” because there was a new English gal in town taking the fashion community by storm.  She had the accent, the chops, […]