Blogger Round-Up: All Black Everything

Bloggers in Black

After a summer full of crazy candy-colors and brights, (and let’s be honest, this insane, last minute heat wave), it’s clear the blogosphere is ready for Fall a little earlier this year. As we end August all signs point to all black everything, as we get ready to cleanse our fashion palettes for F/W’s deep […]

Ann Romney Style File

Ann Romney Style

She’s the pop of color that is Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney’s arm candy and the runway print to his cookie cutter wardrobe, but if there’s one thing Ann Romney isn’t, it’s fearful of being different. Creating a sartorial image that lets the nation know she’s her own person, (and, particularly, one that doesn’t have to […]

Must Have Fall Fashion Trends 2012

Fashion week…or should we say month…has blazed by leaving visions of Fall accessories, Winter coats, and sigh-worthy evening gowns dancing in our little Spring-minded heads. Since every well-read budget fashionista knows to look to runway shows to get ahead of the curve, we’ve compiled a list of the top seven trends for Fall 2012, so […]

Blogger Round-Up: Olympian Style

Olympian Style

Credit: This Time Tomorrow While the athletes are wrapping up in London, it looks like bloggers are holding down the sportswear trend back in the States. The activewear trends coupled with the country’s overwhelming olympic spirit is leading to major athletic aspirations in dress and accessorizing. Check out how these ladies work sports style into […]

These Bloggers Show Us How to Have a Candy-Coated Summer

Candy-Coated Summer

You knew it was bound to be a big deal when it began popping up all over Pinterest, but the minty fresh shades are gaining some staying power thanks to some major blog love. Internet fashionistas are showing us there’s more ways than one to nail a candy-coated look, from working it into accessories, your […]

Crophobia: These Trendsetters Show You How to Get Over Your Fear of Crops

Cream of the Crop

Credit: Zarna’s Runway Why is it when temps start to rise, trends seem to shrink? In size, that is. Crop tops are back with a vengeance this season, but fortunately the look strays far from the low-rise cutoffs and crop tops of our teen years. The blogosphere has spoken and this time around, it’s all […]

Learn How to Go Retro With Our Favorite Bloggers

Retro Revival

Credit: Madridfornia Girl on Blogspot Lazy summer days are perfect for catching up on your favorite old movies and giving yourself a little vintage fashion inspiration. Take a look at how these modern-day bloggers are doing justice to the best of ‘60s and ‘70s fashion with new and old pieces alike. From adorable heart-shaped sunnies […]

These Bloggers REALLY Know how to Translating Tribal

Translating Tribal

Credit: Pink Champagne With so much going on in a single pattern, tribal can prove tricky for even the boldest and baddest fashionista; so to keep your creative juices flowing and minds open to mixing summer’s typical top print, we’ve found some Internet fashion famers to point you in the right direction. Whether it’s print-on-print […]