How to Shop Bloomingdale’s

There’s something special about carrying the iconic Bloomingdale’s brown bag. The bag, in it’s own right, has become a status symbol for great taste. Behind the brown bag is a level of customer service, refinement, and design that every fashionista admittedly craves. Whether we make enough to drop the big bucks or stop in every […]

How to Shop Saks Fifth Avenue’s Outlet Store

In the eyes of a budget fashionista it doesn’t get much better than luxury outlet. Saks Fifth Avenue’s version, Off Fifth, houses all of the same designer amenities (men’s, women’s, kid’s, accessories, jewelry, shoes, bags…the list goes on) you know and swooned over at the regular store, cut to a fraction of the price. Pristine […]

How to Shop White House Black Market

White House Black Market has expanded far beyond it’s white and ivory origins, to include killer prints, patterns and work wear. With a focused color pallet of neutrals and pops of red WHBM is great for holiday pieces and novelty jackets. The price points are on the higher side but the signature style of WHBM […]

How to Shop Neiman Marcus Last Call Outlet

The best thing about the Neiman Marcus Last Call outlet is that the brand offers an e-commerce option. Neiman Marcus is one of the few luxury retailers who has their discount offerings available for online purchase, which in the word of outlet shopping, makes all the difference. Outlets are notorious for being over-crowded, messy and […]

Five Tips for Surviving Black Friday

Black Friday shopping might read ‘crazy’ to some folks, but to a budget fashionista it reads ‘dedicated.’ The madness that is the Friday after Thanksgiving, is steadily creeping up on us and if you’re planning to venture out, you’ll need to be at the top of your game. The overnight sales, door busters and all-day […]

How to Tie Necktie Blouses

Recently, a TBF reader asked us to do a post on how to tie the necktie blouses (which can be a pain to tie). So we put together some tips on how to tie the blouses. Necktie blouses are a trend that circle back every few years as a feminine alternative to basic button-ups. Usually […]

Best Eco Fashion Lines on a Budget

What’s better than feel-good fabrics? Feel-good companies to back them up. The best cottons to wrap yourself up in aren’t only organic, they come with a sense of social responsibility. Natural and recycled textiles are often shelved with hefty price tags, but we’ve found a few brands that value environmental consciousness, price and of course, […]

5 Best Flat Boots on a Budget

Nothing puts a little sass in your step quite like a great pair of boots. Quality boots on a budget can be tough to find, but you don’t have to sacrifice price or style with our help. We’ve tracked down the best flat boots of the season, each $100 or less. Whether you’re looking for […]

How to Shop Chico’s

While many fashionista’s think of Chico’s as an older woman’s store, there are plenty of trend finds underneath the surface. Infamously known for it’s Travelers collection, pieces of wrinkle-free design quality, the brand has expanded to become a go-to source for a variety of apparel and accessory needs and has recently launched the Black Label, […]