The Mustache Trend: ‘Stashing’ on a Budget (Under $50)

The Mustache Trend

Yes, the ‘stache’ is trending. What started out as a joke, and perhaps an underground hipster movement, is now a national obsession. From ‘stache’ memorabilia, to apparel, to catchy sayings involving phrases like “stash savings” and “I mustache you a question,” the mustache has arrived, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so you can either beat ’em […] Wants to Rock Your “Underworld” with $12/month Luxe Undies… Shipped for Free! Site Review

The Lowdown: Ditsies is a customizable online underwear club that offers a new pair of designer underwear each month for $12. (Don’t worry, they let you switch it up so you don’t get bored)  Other than the 12 dollars a month, there are no other associated fees, and shipping is free. After you pick the style, color, […]

How I Will Wear the Pantone Spring 2013 Colors This Season

Spring bag

Pantone, the lead communicator of color from all corners of the fashion industry, has announced not too long ago the Pantone Spring 2013 colors. This season’s colors include: emerald green (a.k.a the Color of the Year), dusk blue, jade, grass green, violet, lemon, linen, navy blue, and orange (its palette relative, tangerine tango, being last […]

Be a Clothing Expert with these 6 Secrets to Spotting High Quality Clothes

High Quality Clothing

Do we really need to splurge in order to find high quality clothes? Not all of us can spend $400 on socks, and that’s okay. It’s about knowing how to spot affordable, reliable clothing without breaking the bank. That being said, here are 6 ways to pick out the best of the best.