Baby Kimye: Hip Hop Style on a Budget

Kim Kardashian - Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, a.k.a. Kimye, are having a baby in 6 months and we are ready to dress that little cutie! We can only hope that Baby Kimye has an adorable afro from dad and big almond eyes from mom, but we KNOW he or she will be dressed to the nines.

5 New Wardrobe Ideas To Add More You in Your Look

New Wardrobe Ideas

As an adult, it is easy to forget how transformative and inspiring fashion can be. We are caught up in responsibilities and reaching for goals, some self-imposed and some societal, and fashion feels like another must-do instead of a can’t-wait-to-do! For those of us who get stuck in the muck, a great New Year resolution […]

Pink Did It, Alicia Keys Might Do It, What’s The Buzz?


Partially or totally shaved heads aren’t just for Lady Gaga anymore; they are making themselves known in the Hollywood elite, with Alicia Keys most recently ready to jump aboard: ” When asked if she would shave her head, the 31-year-old replied:”I’m thinking about something like that.I’m telling you. I’m going there. I’m doing it.” Let’s take a […]