11 Great Budget Beauty Tips

Affordable Beauty Products

Budget beauty is essential in this hard economy not only for twenty-somethings, but all of us. Finding what kind of products work just as beautifully on a budget is just as important as finding the clever and often time tested ways to get the same result with much less moolah.

How to Wear Oxford Shoes

Women's Oxfords

The essential Oxford shoe. This shoe is a fashion magic cluster of intellect, charm, chic, feminine and masculine rolled into one. The Oxford shoe originated in Ireland and Scotland and made it’s way into men’s wardrobes here in the US, and only recently have become a typical part of the female wardrobe.

10 Ride or Die Summer Fashion Trends in 2013

Ride or Die Summer Fashion

This summer has been a recession from the recession—the sun, water, sand, beaches and pools are free, and the clothes can be cheap and fun! Let’s take a look at what was Ride or Die for Summer 2013! Ride or Die Summer 2013 Fashion Trends What’s your favorite RoD Summer 2013 Trend? Let us know […]