How to Color Block Outfits Without Looking Like a Toddler

Color Block

Color blocking sounds ( and looks a little bit ) like an 80’s pop band, but it is simply the fashion of wearing multiple blocks of color in an outfit. Spring is absolutely the perfect time for this bold and playful fashion, but how do you dress in blocks of color without looking like either the […]

The Way Famous People Do Winter and Where To Get the Budget Copy!

Sarah Jessica Parker

Even the famous get cold–how they stay chic while cold is what we’re interested in. If you’ve ever left your house wrapped in five layers and feeling more Sherpa than chic, you know cold weather wear can be challenging. Basics are obvious: leggings, long sleeved form fitting tops for layering, thick socks and great boots […]

10 Ride or Die Summer Fashion Trends in 2013

Ride or Die Summer Fashion

This summer has been a recession from the recession—the sun, water, sand, beaches and pools are free, and the clothes can be cheap and fun! Let’s take a look at what was Ride or Die for Summer 2013! Ride or Die Summer 2013 Fashion Trends What’s your favorite RoD Summer 2013 Trend? Let us know […]