Beautiful Art and Custom Framing for Less: The Look for Less

Okay, we’re snobs. When someone talks about a print, we automatically think of Starry Night posters and that lousy Dogs Playing Poker. But, we can’t really afford Andy Warhol originals. So, we’re left with mirrors and bare walls. But recently, we stumbled across and while, yes, they do have Starry Night, they also have […]

The Look for Less: Invisible Bookshelves

Create space and style with this fabulous invisible bookshelf. It’s a brilliant way for book lovers and book poseurs to display their collections. You can get them three different ways. 1. The self shelf from Firebox for $29.95. 2. The Umbra bookshelf available on Amazon for $16.99. 3. Or our favorite option, make your own, […]

Entertaining on a Budget: The Chocolate Fountain

Last year, when the chocolate fountain showed up under the tree it seemed like a joke. Who doesn’t want a fountain of cascading chocolate? But we wondered if we’d ever get it out. A year later, the chocolate fountain has made an appearance at every single one of our parties.  In fact, often the chocolate […]

A Little Love in Your Tummy: Budget Food Tip

Happy Valentines Day from all of us here at the Budget Casa! Whether you are single, just got dumped, happily in love, or sticking it out for the kids, here is a simple valentine’s treat you can enjoy: red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Since we can’t make them for you, here is what […]

The Look for Less: Designer Wallpaper

The fabulous wallpaper designs of Jill Malek, who uses patterns in nature to inspire her work, is now available in much less expensive decals until April 30th from dVider. Her wallpaper sells for near $150 a roll, but you can get these decals for anywhere between $75-60. They make an great alternative to painting a […]

DIY: Make Your Own Ottoman

Over at Bluelines they have a fancy, dancy how-to for making your own ottoman. We love it! This project is perfect for those cold winter weekends, when the thought of another snow storm makes you feel seasonally affected. To make your project even more budget-friendly, make your own cushions. Order the foam from Foam by […]

The Look for Less: Re:modern

Sometimes the planets align and you find things that are beautiful, green, and fit your budget. Re:modern sells items that are beautifully crafted, made with integrity and they give back a portion of their profits to support the arts, community, and the environment. Read more about this incredible company here. Oh, and did we mention […]

The Look for Less: Eco-Friendly and Squeaky Clean

We’d like to be eco-friendly, but it’s just so darn expensive sometimes. Especially with grocery prices rising, the economy tanking, and the glut of reality and game shows on TV, the future can look pretty bleak. Fortunately, the folks at Earth Friendly Products heard our plight, while they can’t stop inflation, or make “American Gladiatorsâ€? […]