Three Ways to Organize in 5 minutes: DIY

Here are three quick and cheap free ways to organize your home. These tips have been used in our own home and really help reign in clutter. Also, before you start organizing, watch where the clutter collects and meet the clutter where it is. Odds are if you are throwing your coat by the front […]

The Look for Less: Freecycle

We apologize if you have already heard of Freecycle, but we just discovered it. And it is a must for the fabulously frugal. Do you already Freecycle? Tell us about your experience in the comments. Freecycle is a way for frugal men and women, such as yourselves, to hook up and unload trash or score […]

Pop Ink: The Look for Less

The French Paper company sells the fabulous Pop Ink products. We found them and fell in love with them and the best part is, everything was $28 and below. They sell fabulously funky products that pack a lot of style in anything from soap to napkins. We love love love this stuff. And at $28 […]

The Look for Less: Birds for Under $20

Birds aren’t only a herald for spring, they are also a fun, happy way to decorate (think the bluebird of happiness). Birds are a hip trend for your home. Here is how you can incorporate the look without busting the wallet. This wrapping paper from Whimsy is only $4.50 a roll and can be cut […]

DIY: Picture Easels Four Ways

When we saw these picture easels at Gordmans for $2.33-$4.99. We got excited and bought three of them. Picture easels are a versatile way of displaying pictures, or art that you can’t hang on your wall. But they can also help you when you need say corkboard for your office but your desk is by […]

The Look for Less: Pimp Out Your Windows

If you are decorating in a small space, an apartment, or a rental house, decorating can pose a problem. You have to maximize the space you are given, often without the ability to paint. Decorative window films gives you a new way to decorate your space for less. And when it’s time to move you […]

The Look for Less: Animal Print for Under $30

Let out your inner animal with these great animal print finds for your home. While animal print in excess can make your home look like a zoo. Well placed animal print in certain areas of your home can accentuate any décor and make it roar. Here are some of our favorite finds under $30. Zebra […]

DIY: Cheap Backsplash

Last week, we painted the bathroom and took it from nasty black to refreshing green This week we put up a simple, cheap backsplash that only costs us $7.49 plus the price of supplies, (wallpaper smoother, $5; 16 oz of adhesive mix, $3.99; we already had the paint). Menards sells textured wallpaper that is paintable. […]