Tea Party: Entertaining on a Budget

Light tea cakes, sweet treats, steaming tea in paper thin china cups, and of course, flowers. Lots of flowers. Tea parties celebrate all the loveliness of spring and femininity and make a fabulous theme for a wedding shower, baby shower, or birthday party. Or have one just as an excuse to wear that vintage hat […]

Pyrex and Corelle Love: Entertaining on a Budget

(This vintage Gooseberry Pyrex bowl set is available from domestikate’s Etsy shop for $44) The perennial problem of entertaining: How do you make a casserole look good? Let’s be honest, some of the best food, isn’t pretty. Green bean casserole, au gratin potatoes, the foods that made your guests feel comfortable, full and completely at […]

How to Make a Cork Trivet

Design*Sponge featured some absolutely fabulous DIY projects in their 2008 DIY contest. One of the best and the most doable for even the most DIY-challenged was the cork trivet (#19, pictured above) done by Abigail, a fabulously crafty lady if there ever was one. Made from cut-up and reclaimed wine corks, this trivet is fun, […]

Re: Usable Home: The Look for Less

The best part about being eco-friendly is that it saves you money. Because cutting down on waste means cutting down on buying unnecessary items. And if you are looking for places to save some money, identify your biggest source of waste: paper towels, Ziploc bags, etc. These are the best places to use reusable items. […]