Put Cork on it: The Look for Less

Cork is the new hot aesthetic for your home. Cork is harvested from cork trees without hurting the tree or cutting it down. So it is a sustainable and renewable resource and this functional and earth-friendly material is being crafted into everything from trays to place mats to give your home a natural look. From […]

Mobiles :DIY

Mobiles aren’t for babies rooms any more. These light, colorful, and playful accessories hang from the ceiling and are the perfect way to make a spring breeze come to life. Here are some ideas and instructions on how to make your own mobile. Leah of More Ways to Waste Time found this fabulous Frazier & […]

Think Outside the Pot: DIY

Unique planters are a great way to add color and interest to your deck, porch, patio or backyard. Planters can also provide a lush garden for people who don’t have a backyard or who rent. But have you been to your local garden store lately? Planters can cost you from $20 to $80 a piece. […]

Grow: The Look for Less

April 22 is Earth Day and in celebration we’ve found some great looks that will help you bring some indoor style to your outdoors. The best part: All looks are $38 and under. While $38 might seem like a little much to spend on gardening tools, the “Calle” gardening tools (pictured above) are made of […]

Cleaning Products: DIY

Before running to the store to buy the latest and greatest in green home cleaning products, consider that the greenest, safest cleaning products can be made by you. With simple everyday items and some reclaimed spray bottles, you can make your house squeaky clean without spending a lot of money. We recommend mixing your cleaners […]

How to Make a Jewelry Tree

Urban Outfitters has a fabulous jewelry tree for $26, but looking at it, we decided to make our own. Here is an easy step-by-step how to for making your own jewelry tree. How to Make Your Own Jewelry Tree Supplies: tree branch wooden base, JoAnn’s has the best prices drill wood glue spray paint—any color […]

What Can You Get for $5: The Look for Less

With the economy tanking, you may not think that $5 can take you far in decorating your home. But you are wrong. If you haven’t gone out shopping at your local thrift store you are really missing out. Here is what you should do, you know that jar of pennies on your desk? Turn it […]

Organize the Kitchen: DIY

Organizing your kitchen doesn’t have to involve buying things, often just rearranging your shelves can help you make space and streamline the kitchen process. Here are some tips for organizing your kitchen: 1. Sit down and map it out. If you go to reorganize your kitchen you are going to come out more frustrated than […]