Dip-travaganza: Entertaining on a Budget

Going out can be expensive, but having people over can be frustrating. So what are you going to do? Well, before you slap on some lipstick for another night on the town consider how much are you really spending on cab rides, gas, movie tickets, drinks, appetizers? Save yourself some money and have a fun […]

Cleaning Products: DIY

Before running to the store to buy the latest and greatest in green home cleaning products, consider that the greenest, safest cleaning products can be made by you. With simple everyday items and some reclaimed spray bottles, you can make your house squeaky clean without spending a lot of money. We recommend mixing your cleaners […]

Pack a Picnic: Entertaining on a Budget

Picnics are a fabulous way to dine al fresco for less. As days get warmer and longer, plan an early spring picnic out at your local park to enjoy and observe nature as it thaws and starts anew. Have a nature scavenger hunt for kids and have them collect flowers, leaf buds, and spot robins. […]

Organize the Kitchen: DIY

Organizing your kitchen doesn’t have to involve buying things, often just rearranging your shelves can help you make space and streamline the kitchen process. Here are some tips for organizing your kitchen: 1. Sit down and map it out. If you go to reorganize your kitchen you are going to come out more frustrated than […]