Shopping 101: Pop-Up Shops Explained

Pop-Up Shops Explained

Back in the day (like 10 years ago), the only places you could get your shopping on were a) the mall or b) a local boutique/stand-alone store.  However, around 2004, a fairly new retail concept started to arrive, mostly in large cities like New York, London and Los Angeles, called pop-up shops.  These shops, which […]

Home Decorating Myths Dispelled

Hanging picture

Woman choosing color of wall via Shutterstock Blame those addictive home makeover shows on HGTV, or maybe you’ve simply had one too many drinks during your last girls’ night out. Whatever your motivation may be, we would like to congratulate you for finally deciding to give your house a more updated look.The good news is, […]

Are Prepaid Debit Cards Worth It?

Are Prepaid Debit Cards Worth It

Credit: Shutterstock When a friend of mine cut up her credit card and moved to a cash-only system, I was jealous of her freedom. “It’s great,” she crowed at coffee one day. “I don’t go into debt anymore.” “But,” I countered, “how do you rent a hotel room or a car?” The answer for her […]

What Your Date Night Clothes Say about You

What Your Date Night Clothes Say about You

Credit: StyleHive Over half of Americans believe in love at first sight.  This means that on your first date you don’t have a lot of room for error.  No pressure or anything. But before you reach for the Xanax, take a deep breath and remember that if people in the ‘80s could fall in love […]

Outdoor Pillows: DIY

If you want comfort outdoors you could buy these lovely Pottery Barn, striped pillows for $29 each. Or, you could make your own using a repurposed vinyl tablecloth such as this one from Target’s Whim line by Cynthia Rowley for only $3.95 in stores.

Cheap Room Make-Over: DIY

Using some paint, Amy Butler paper from Michaels and a round up of things we already owned, we were able to revamp this unused space into a comfy little reading nook for under $20. All we had to buy was the Amy Butler paper and spray adhesive and the picture easel. Get started: Find items […]

Outdoor Privacy Screen: DIY

You may have a fabulous home, but your neighbors probably don’t. Or they park their RV in the alley, or there is that fabulous neighbor you call the freeway…In any case, no matter where you live an outdoor privacy screen may not be such a bad idea. We found these two easy DIY outdoor privacy […]