Budget Home Tip: When You Shouldn’t Do It Yourself

Easter Home Decoration Ideas

In order to save $, we’ll basically do anything. We’ve fixed our heater when it was -10 outside and installed a dishwasher (a project that ended in tears and cursing, but the dishes got clean). But sometimes, even we admit that it’s best not to DIY. When to throw in the towel But sometimes, as […]

Home Decorating Myths Dispelled

Hanging picture

Woman choosing color of wall via Shutterstock Blame those addictive home makeover shows on HGTV, or maybe you’ve simply had one too many drinks during your last girls’ night out. Whatever your motivation may be, we would like to congratulate you for finally deciding to give your house a more updated look.The good news is, […]

How to Make Your Own Apron Hanger and/or Holder

Aprons are a fun and fabulous way of staying clean and adding style to your daily routine. From the garden to the garage and the kitchen, aprons can protect you and help you out with those handy dandy little pockets. We found some great DIY apron ideas and patterns from all over the web, just […]

Entertaining on a Budget: Bridal Bling

This year it is all about the bling. Throw a bachelorette party in style using ring accessories, favors and even a fabulous ring game. Trick out your treats with these fun cupcake gem (pictured above). Get them from eBay for $2.15 for a set of 12. Tie up napkins (paper or fabric) in these fun […]