Shops that Offer Freebies

The following is a guest post from our friends at Lucky. The free gift with purchase has been tempting shoppers since, like, forever. After all, who doesn’t love to get the most for their money? But there is something even better: the elusive in-store freebie. Whether it’s in the form of a complimentary beverage, beauty […]

7 Secrets to Supple Winter Skin

Don’t let this pleasant—but vaguely concerning—spring weather fool you—we’re about to enter a tundra-like burst of coldness, my least favorite time of year. In preparation, things that will prevent you from being stripped of your moisture—and your dignity. This a little something extra to apply before your moisturizer. It attracts water to your skin cells […]

Gift Guide: Too-Cool-for-School Sibling

Does your brother or sister pride his or herself on knowing that band you haven’t heard of? You know, the one they’ll deny liking when they’re wildly mass and popular? Do they see advance screenings of indie films? Have they been stopped for street-style shots? If you answered yes to any of the above, then […]

What Kim Kardashian Should Wear for Her First Post-Divorce Appearance

The following is a guest post from our friends at Lucky. Newly divorced Kim Kardashian will have to face the public soon, and when she does, she’ll need an outfit that exudes self-confidence with a dash (pun intended) of vulnerability. Because even if the only thing Kim tells the paparazzi is “no comment,” her outfit […]

On “Scream” Halloween: Great Costumes In Cinema

The following is a guest post from our friends at Lucky. So let’s say—hypothetically, of course—that you’re still agonizing over what or who to be for Halloween. With only about 72 hours left, it’s crunch time (and I’m not just talking about that puffed-rice candy bar). Your own creative costume ideas may be running low, […]