Petal Power: Perk Up Your Home with these Unique Vases!

Unique Vases to Perk Up Your Home

I think there’s nothing prettier than walking in a room and seeing a vase of flowers.  Of course decorative pillows and a nice painting also do the trick, but something about flowers really livens up a room and makes me smile.  Whether it’s a single rose on a table or a massive living room bouquet, they bring an extra dose of cheer […]

Cutting Edge Summer Shoes Under $50: Pretty Laser Cut Out Shoe Designs That Let Us Beat the Heat in Style


Summer‘s in full force and of course, that means stepping out in feminine, fun styles.  When it comes to footwear, one trend we can’t get enough of are shoes with laser cut out designs. Their patterns range from perfectly round mini circles to edgier geometric shapes, giving shoes (and us) a look that’s as unique as our personality.  Sometimes sweet, sometimes […]

Heads Up! Pretty Summer Head Wraps Under $20

Summer Headwraps

It’s official: we can finally say, “it’s summer!”  Summer and all its sunny glory arrived on June 21st and we think a great way to declare our love of the season is with pretty summer headwraps.  From tropical designs to floral patterns, summery headwraps are the perfect way to keep hair beautiful.

Oh, Baby, My Aching Feet: Now that Baby’s Here, Soothe Sore Feet with These Comfy Shoes


Whoo-hoo . . .  Kate Middleton’s baby is almost here!  We’ve been waiting for this moment forever.  Well, OK, nine months.  Every step of the way, we’ve watched conservative Kate rock chic maternity clothes.  But the shoe lover that I am, I can’t help but wonder about – you guessed it – her footwear.  I think, “with all this […]

Lighten Up: Summery Table Lamps that Brighten up Any Living Space

Rebecca Table Lamp

For those of us who 1.) can’t get enough of summer and 2.) are itching to brighten up their home (or both), summery table lamps are just watt (ahem) we need.  Bright bases, colorful shades and cheery designs brighten up living spaces simply and affordably.  No rewiring or 20-page assembly manual required.  Just plug it in and voila!