6 Ways to Wear a Black Blazer

Step Out in Style with a Black Blazer

With this season’s color trends and bold patterns gracing everything from hats to flats, there’s one article of clothing likely feeling (as if clothes had feelings) left out: your classic black blazer. Like a forgotten friend, the poor thing has been tossed aside in favor of the more hip, popular types. For shame! Time for […]

Ditch the Cig and Be a Smokin’ Hot Lady

No Smoking

Ever meet a lady who makes amazing DIY facial scrubs and has the complexion to show for it . . . only to watch her pull out a $7 pack (at least) of cigs and puff away?  Sigh.  November 21 is the Great American Smokeout, so it seemed appropriate to write a post about the benefits of quitting.

True Confessions: I Wear Makeup at the Gym

SAM_5465 (452x640)

For ladies who love to get their squats on but cringe at the thought of going to the gym completely makeup-less, I hear ya.   I lost tons of weight years ago and continue to go to the gym . . . wearing makeup.   I know, I know.  The gym should be all about ponytails, profuse sweating and body […]

Stand Out with these 10 Glam Cocktail Rings

Statement Ring

Summer has come and gone and with the focus off our bare legs, pedis and tanned arms, what’s a fashionista to do?  Why, glam up our fingers with cocktail rings, of course!  We love the bold statement a cocktail ring makes, drawing attention to our manis as well as our vibrant personality.

Kohl’s is the Latest to Open Doors on Thanksgiving Day

kohls_2_0703-7601631 from Bingimages

Just eight days after Macy’s announced they will be open for the first time ever on Thanksgiving Day, Kohl’s has followed in their footsteps.  However, while Macy’s will remain open for 24 hours straight until the close of business on Friday, Kohl’s has pulled a one-up move on Macy’s: they’re staying open for – get this – 28 hours straight.  […]

Quick Tips for Wearing Colored Eyeliner

Colored Eyeliners

Still wearing black eyeliner for every event, season and mood?  I was, too, until it felt, well, boring.  To liven up my look, I started wearing colored eyeliner and I’m thrilled to report: I’m in love.  I’m able to brighten up my look without looking like a showgirl or like I just stepped out of the 80s. I admit, switching from black […]